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Description of magic lollipops franchise of caramel figures

Magic lollipops is an amazing solution to make caramel figures in fancy shapes of animals, plants, romantic symbols and many others. The lollipops have also extraordinary size, approximately 25 sm.

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Magic Lolipops franchise for sale

Our lollipops become trendy designer accessories in the world of sweets, therefore our customers are not only kids but girls who like pretty things and men who want to make a beautiful present.

Magic lollipops is an ideal product for street retail in parks and entertainment centers, at events and festivals.

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Fancy shape, taste known from childhood and interesting show while making a lollipop attract attention of buyers and ensure high sales regardless of seasonality.

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The peculiarity of our franchise is that we provide not only equipment and promotional materials but also exclusive files of drawings created only by us!

Work formats:

  1. Embedded module in an working retail outlet;
  2. Sales at fairs and events;
  3. Conducting corporate events;
  4. A stand-alone retail in the shopping centers, parks, embankments, the city center from 2 sqm;
  5. Sales of lollipops through partners; production and delegation of selling;
  6. Integration into children's holidays and events, outreach service;
  7. Cooperation with advertising agencies and event management agencies.
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How much does Magic Lolipops franchise cost?

Magic Lolipops has the franchise fee of up to $3,000, with total initial investment from $5,400.

Initial investments: from $5,400

The package start-up investment contains a full set of equipment including commercial and production ones, promo materials, a packing stock and a franchise fee.

Payback period: from 4 months
Average monthly turnover: from $2,500
Royalty: none
Franchise fee: $3,000

Paying the franchise fee you receive an access to the database of knowledge of caramel drawing technology, customer attraction, boosting sales and average check.

Other current expenses: $1,000

Equipment delivery costs are likely.

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Business model of Magic Lollipops franchise

We offer a business with a profit of $2500 monthly regardless of seasonality.
Marginality of our business is more than 500%!
A unique production technology and a bright form factor will allow you to ensure a stable income.

Cost price of 1 kg of raw materials: $0.7 - 1.5
The cost price of 1 lollipop : $0.08
Lollipops from 1 kg of raw materials: 20
The cost of packing for 1 lollipop: $0.5
Wand: $0.015
Is obtained raw materials + wand + packaging = $ 0.6
Recommended retail price for 1 lollipop: $3.6

Average monthly turnover $2,500
Average expenses $560
Taxation of $170
Net income from $1,800
Profitability is more than 70%

Requirements for buying a franchise magic lollipops
  • Availability of the necessary funds
  • A retail outlet for selling ice cream, candy floss, popcorn and other sweets is a plus
  • Readiness to work independently.
Requirement for an outlet:
  • Availability of electricity from 500 watts
  • High passability

Magic Lollipops franchise advantages

Product advantages:

  • exclusive product with no analogues;
  • WOW effect; unusual shapes and implementation of any idea
  • real show while making a lollipop
  • very photogenic, and as a result, a large number of customer reviews in social networks;
  • very high margin of business;
  • Magic Lollipops are popular among both adults and children;
  • A unique customer experience that brings customers back again and again.

Marketing advantages:

  • Thousands of fans in social networks
  • Instagram: more than 4,000 subscribers
  • Show element
  • Effective design of an outlet

Franchise advantages:

  • Business with no analogues
  • Own equipment and technology
  • Your own business
  • Simple format embedded into ongoing business
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