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Description of FreeFly Wind Tunnel skydiving simulator franchise

Wind Tunnel is Skydiving Simulator. It is a construction which moves air up with high power creating the same conditions you would find in freefall. As a result it feels like skydiving. Therefore, the wind tunnel could be used for entertainment as well as a simulator for skydivers. 15 years ago in 90ies entrepreneurs began to use the wind tunnel for their commercial purposes.

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Nowadays the demand for wind tunnel skydiving is growing all over the world. According to some surveys there are 155 wind tunnel locations, 50 more are going to be launched soon and 35 are being built. Despite the fast growth, the kind of sport and entertainment is just entering the market, which makes the business highly demanded. For the last 2 years the news about the kind of sport has been promoted by BBC, New York Times, Independent and celebrities such as by Pink, Sia, etc. and has been approved as an indicative kind of sport at the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

The attraction for family recreation and skydiving training includes:

Cafe for 50 visitors | Events and competitions| Additional attractions (VR, Laser tag etc) Wind Tunnel Shop | Lounge Zones| Conference hall
successful FreeFly franchise business
FreeFly franchise opportunities
FreeFly franchise for sale

More than 10 ways of the Center monetization:

  • B2b, corporate events
  • Single flights for customers
  • Gift certificates
  • Souvenirs (T-shirts, magnets, etc.)
  • Revenue from additional attractions
  • Personal flight coaching
  • Birthdays, hen parties, stag parties
  • Flying and training for professional skydivers
  • Cafe Revenue
  • Classes of preparation for jumping or a pro-course for beginner flyers


Investments required for starting FreeFly Franchise

Initial investments: on request

Purchase of wind tunnel, premises, repair, technical equipment

Payback period: from 18 months
Average monthly turnover: from $59,000
Royalty: 7 % (no royalties for the first three months)

The royalty includes:

  • The right to use the trade mark and marketing support
  • Strategic brand support, all novelties
  • Technical support of the multifunctional control system of the Center
  • FreeFly team for operational work for the whole period of the agreement
  • Regular trainings
  • Website and Franchisee's web page maintenance , as well as access to the website of the company
  • Access to specialists - solution to individual issues from representatives of the management company

Marketing budget: 5% of turnover

The budget will be spent for the following:

  • Marketing team work (SMM, digital-specialist)
  • Promotion and search engine costs (online advertising channels)
  • Social Networking
  • Contextual and targeted advertising
  • SEO page optimization
  • Email marketing (sending letters by using triggers)
  • Scenarios for holidays / corporate events and product matrix
  • Creating promotional offers
  • Brand development
FreeFly franchise cost

Franchise fee: not less than $173,000

The wind tunnel attraction is a complex recreational place and training center for professional skydivers. To make you Center well performing, we will closely work with you for 6-12 months (it depends on the terms of designing and construction). At every stage our specialists will work with you, ready to answer all your questions and solve the issues.

The franchising program includes

The right to use FreeFly brand

Arranging the work, establishing a sales department in the Center

The benefits of working with FreeFly network providers

Control at all stages of the Center launch

Marketing materials for work


Design-project of the Center

Detailed instructions on the work of the Center

Our specialists arrive at the place on request

Opening team, 12 months of dense work

Connection to the multifunctional control system of the Center

Participation in the festive opening of the Center


We accompany you at every stage:

Preparing for building



Marketing before the opening

Opening of the center

Operating activities

Get the whole franchise presentation, where you will find 50 tasks we will solve with you before you start your Wind Tunnel Center

Other current expenses: business trip costs for opening team are paid by franchisee

FreeFly franchise cost

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General trend

The segment of mass sports has recently significantly changed. Some modern kinds of sports which began to appear in 50ies of XX century are called extreme sports: base jumping, diving, heli skiing, rafting, rock-climbing, surfing, cyclocross, skydiving.
The kinds of sport feature some degree of danger for life and health of the sportsmen, a large number of acrobatic tricks, a high level of adrenaline which is released during sports. Wind tunnels make this sport safer, systematized and bring it to public, giving everyone an opportunity to try to fly.
Wind tunnel is a trend. Now there are more than two hundred air tubes in the world. About a hundred of them were built 2 - 3 years ago . This is a real boom! The number of aerotubes is growing exponentially.

Become a business owner on a growing flight market!

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The demand for indoor skydiving

In 2017 indoor skydiving became an official sport in Russia. In December the 1st Russian Indoor Skydiving Championship took place.
The Olympic Committee formally added it to the program of the Summer Olympics 2024 as an indicative sport.
The popularization of indoor skydiving is spreading all over the world, in 2018 the third official World Cup in the Kingdom of Bahrain will take place, in Norway the first European Championship was held, national championships are held in all countries.

The potential demand is great: in 2016 42 million people dreamed of a parachute jump (according to a survey in Russia). At the same time, the audience who would like to have the opportunity to fly in a wind tunnel is even bigger. Come to any school class and ask: "Do you want to fly in an wind tunnel?" - 95% of children will give a positive answer.

FreeFly franchise information

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FreeFly Franchise Business Model


  • Have a look at real indicators of our working Centers.
  • 30 000 people - customers per year
  • From $920,000 to $1,150,000 - turnover of the Center per year
  • 1 702 hours of flights per year

You get your profit from:

  • Single flights for individual customers
  • Gift certificates
  • Corporate clients
  • Flights for professional skydivers
  • Personal coaching
  • The income from giving for rent (for shooting advertising, etc.)
  • The cost of 1 minute of flight time can by from $5.3 to $15 in Russia and from $11.5 to $34.5 in Europe. The final price depends on the amount of time purchased for flights.
FreeFly franchise investment
Requirements for buying a franchise freefly :
  • Availability of the necessary funds
  • Interest in skydiving business
Requirements for freefly premises
  • Land area: from 600 sq. km
  • Facilities: heating, water, sewage, electricity, fiber optic cable
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