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About “Giani” franchise

Giani was founded in the distant 1956. The company specializes in a wide range of ice cream flavors, sorbets, snacks, and gelato. All products are fully vegetarian and have high nutritive value. The brand uses all means to maintain the quality of ice cream and ensure that it is always fresh and tasty. The industry of ice cream is on the rise, and its consumption only continues to increase. So, Giani will expand significantly in the next few years.

About “Giani” franchise

The Giani franchise is a customer-centric establishment that provides the most scrumptious ice cream that is well-known in Delhi and other regions in India. There exist several formats of outlets available for acquiring. Each one of them is based on location and the size of the store.

Entrepreneurs would surely benefit from over 60 years of excellent track record and expertise, proven business model and policies, and wide recognition granted by the parent company. Join Giani franchise network today and seize the opportunity.

Advantages of the franchise

  • Giani is a brand rich in knowledge and expertise in the industry of ice cream.
  • It offers several franchise formats for choosing.
  • Training and assistance are included in the business arrangement.
  • A widely recognized brand that the Indian population is familiar with.
  • Giani gives entrepreneurs a chance to operate in a profitable ice cream market.
  • Not a very high investment required for acquiring a franchise unit.

Franchise requirements

Entrepreneurs that are eager to work under a well-established brand such as Giani and sell in-demand products are more than welcome to join the Giani family. Candidates should have certain management and sales skills, and be able to communicate well with employees and customers. There are certain requirements regarding financial aspects that entrepreneurs have to be prepared to meet.

How much does it cost to open franchise

The Giani franchise cost consists of several components, including construction, equipment, licenses, various materials, etc. Here is an approximate breakdown of requirements:

Initial Investment: INR 12.6 Lakhs-15.1 Lakhs
Franchise Fee: 5 Lakhs

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There are no royalty or advertising fees required by the brand.

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