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About “Hero Motocorp” franchise

The Indian company Hero Motocorp is the largest manufacturer of two-wheelers in the world. It was established in 1984, and today it has grown to enormous sizes. There are over 6000 service units across India. If you have always dreamt of entering the automotive industry and the bike segment precisely, then starting a Hero Motocorp franchise is just the opportunity for you. There are several types of dealership offered by the franchisor – main, sub-dealer and spare-parts distributor. If entrepreneurs want their own business in the two-wheeler industry, then applying for Hero Motocorp Showroom and establishing it in their area are the right moves for them.

Hero MotoCorp Franchise

The sale of bikes and scooters is a profitable affair with lots of prospects in the modern world. Owning a car becomes more and more expensive, and people need efficient means of transportation, so bikes and scooters have become extremely popular vehicles. They are easier and more cost-efficient to have and maintain.

Advantages of the franchise

  • Rich experience. Hero Motocorp has been in the market for a long time, so its expertise and experience in the two-wheeler industry is rather rich and significant.
  • Largest manufacturer. Hero Motocorp is not only the biggest motorcycle provider in India, but in the whole world as well, which makes it a desired brand for franchisees.
  • Fast production. The company manufactures over 10,000 vehicles every day.
  • Several kinds of dealerships are available. Every entrepreneur could find the best format for himself.
  • Multiple revenue sources. A Hero Motocorp franchise allows entrepreneurs to generate rather sizable revenue thanks to several income sources like sale of vehicles, retail, insurance, servicing, parts, oil, and accessories.
  • Extensive support and guidance. Hero Motocorp has a dedicated team of professionals that help prospective franchisees with site selection, business development, operations, and advertising.
  • Comprehensive training. Hero Motocorp assists all franchisees and offers training and technical knowledge to them and their staff, and the best IT systems are implemented in every unit.
Hero MotoCorp

Franchise requirements

Hero Motocorp is a renowned brand that is widely popular across the world. It seeks ambitious and goal-oriented dealers that wish to enter the two-wheeler industry. The ability to manage a team of employees and supervise them is important for prospective franchisees. There is a lot of manpower involved in managing a Hero Motocorp Showroom, so leadership and a productive workplace should be maintained. There are also certain requirements concerning financial capability and site space that entrepreneurs have to meet.

How much does it cost to open franchise

Hero Motocorp franchise cost consists of several components, and its total sum depends on the location and the type of dealership you’re considering. The approximate initial investment is estimated at INR 80 lakhs-2 crore.

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