Just Between Friends Franchise for Sale - Children's & Maternity Consignment Events

Just Between Friends Franchise Opportunities

Just Between Friends offers children's and maternity consignment sales events take place. At a Just Between Friends event, you can: shop rows and rows of baby and children’s shoes, toys, clothing, maternity, and baby equipment at 50 to 90% off retail, sell your items as a consignor and earn from 60 to 70% on your item sales, help out at the sale and make new friends—plus you get a lot of other perks too! The company was founded by Shannon Wilburn and Daven Tackett in 1997. Just Between Friend began franchising in 2004. As of 2018, it operates more 150 franchises in the United States.

How much does Just Between Friends franchise cost?

Just Between Friends has the franchise fee of up to $17,900, with total initial investment range of $38,544 to $138,867.

Initial Investment: $38,550 - $54,545

Ongoing Fees

Initial Franchise Fee: $17,900
Ongoing Royalty Fee: 3%
Ad Royalty Fee: 1%

Initial Investment and Startup Costs

Type of Expenditure1 Unit2 Units3 UnitsMethod of PaymentWhen DueTo Whom Payment Is Be Made
Initial Franchise Fee (1)$17,900$33,900$48,900CashExecution of Franchise Agreement JBF
Initial Equipment (2)$4,000 - $6,700$4,000 - $6,700$4,000 - $6,700As you arrange from supplierVaries with supplier Persons or entities other than JBF
Initial Inventory (3)$5,000$10,000$15,000CashBefore first sales event Persons or entities other than JBF
Storage (4)$0 - $375$375 - $750$750 - $1,125CashVaries with Supplier Persons or entities other than JBF
Pre-Opening Labor (5)$700 - $1,000$1,400 - $2,000$2,100 - $3,000CashPrior to Sales Event Persons or entities other than JBF
Optional At Event Existing Franchisee Coaching (6)$0 - $2,850$0- $5,700$0 - $8,550CashAt least 90 days prior to Sales EventJBF
Estimated Travel & Living Expenses during training and site visit (6)$1,800 - $2,800$1,800 - $2,800$1,800 - $2,800CashPrior to training and site visit Persons or entities other than JBF
New Franchise Technology License and Set-up Fee$1,500$3,000$4,500CashBefore Opening JBF
Building Lease (7)$900 - $3,750$1,800 - $7,500$2,700 - $11,250CashAs required by landlord Landlord
Business Registration & Tax Permits$800 - $1,000$800 - $2,000$800 - $3,000CashBefore Opening Government
Insurance (8)$500 - $1,000$500 - $2,000$500 - $3,000Per policyPer policy Insurance Company
Advertising$2,380 - $3,730$4,760 - $7,460$7,410 - $11,190As requiredAt or before event Persons or entities other than JBF
Additional Funds - Initial Period from signing franchise agreement
to first sale (Not more than 300 days) (9)
$2,500 - $5,500$2,500 - $11,000$2,500 - $16,500As requiredAs required Persons or entities other than JBF
Technology Fee (11)$164 - $984 ($164 per month)$328 - $1,968 ($328/month)$492 - $2,952 ($492/month)Cash1⁄2 due January 15, 1⁄2 due July 15 JBF
Financial Management Course$400$400$400By January 15th for
the current year
Subject to change by 30 days
prior written notice.
JBF (but this is optional at the
discretion of each franchisee)
TOTAL: (12)$38,544 - $54,509$65,563 - $97,178$91,582 - $138,867
Just Between Friends Franchise

Support Options

On-The-Job Training: 21 hours
Classroom Training: 32 hours
Additional Training: Pre-training

Just Between Friends Franchise Expansion Plans:
Franchisor is seeking new franchise units throughout the U.S. and Canada

Just Between Friends Franchise Info: https://jbfsalefranchise.com/

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