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Naedine franchise
Naedine franchise for sale

Franchise of the medical clinic "Naedine" - unified quality standards, first-class specialists, automated business processes and innovative equipment. Business that works stably even in difficult macroeconomic situations. The clinic “Naedine” specializes in the delicate area of ​​health, therefore the level of medical services and customer service is high. The main directions of the clinic are: proctology, gastroenterology, endoscopy, urology-andrology, gynecology and osteopathy. Today two own medical centers are successfully operating in Kirov. We are proud of our team, history and traditions that have developed over 6 years of work. More than 50 employees united by a common idea of ​​patients care.

We make the highest demands to the quality of medical services and their compliance with standards. As professionals, we understand the full measure of responsibility entrusted on us. All processes are regulated by internal documents, and this allows to implement control and pay close attention to even the smallest details. The Clinics use equipment from leading manufacturers of Japan, Germany, Korea and Russia. We use modern diagnostic and treatment technologies that allow us to detect diseases at an early stage. In the process of business development, we have developed an effective IT system that allows us to form a constant flow of clients for all the clinic's services.

Team of the clinic Naedine

We gathered a unique team - doctors, nurses, administrative staff, economists and marketing specialists. The clinic's specialists regularly attend courses for qualification improvement, professional master classes and trainings. The team is our advantage, which helps to achieve excellent results. We are ready to share our experience with you, join the team of professionals!

Naedine franchise cost

What is included into our franchise?

  • Departure of the team to start and open the clinic;
  • The right to use the trademark of the clinic "Naedine" and corporate identity;
  • Access to centralized procurement of equipment and consumables - savings on equipment and clinic’s facility;
  • Franchisee book - organization guide and guide for clinic management;
  • Brandbook - a guide for using corporate identity;
  • Recommendations for licensing the clinic;
  • Business owner and clinic staff training;
  • HR consultations - Assistance in recruiting (candidate questionnaire, online interview with the candidate);
  • Contact center training;
  • Connecting a partner to a federal web site;
  • SEO - promotion;
  • Customized advertising campaigns in Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords;
  • Ready tools for promoting the partner's clinic in social medias;
  • Monitoring the work of the partner's clinic "secret patient" evaluation the quality of medical services.

Whom is our business suitable for?

  • For successful entrepreneurs, who are ready to start a stable and highly profitable business.
  • For existing medical centers, as an opportunity to expand the list of services and increase profitability.
  • Investors interested in creating and developing a socially significant project.

Franchise offer

We offer you to open your own clinic under the “Naedine” brand in your region with high-quality support from the head company. Professional team will help you at all stages of opening a clinic - from licensing to making the first profit.

The efficiency and success of our business model has been proven by our own clinics!

Format for the clinic Naedine

Minimum area for opening a clinic: 320 m². Convenient and comfortable clinic format for our patients: cozy environment, friendly staff, individual approach.

The main directions of the clinic:

  • Proctology;
  • Gastroenterology;
  • Endoscopy;
  • Urology-Andrology;
  • Gynecology.
Naedine franchise to own

How much does the Naedine franchise cost?

"Naedine" has a franchise fee ranges from $54,020, with a total initial investment from $432,170.

Starting investments: $432,170

  • Rent and deposit
  • Repair of clinic space
  • Clinic equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Licensing
  • Government duty
  • Overalls
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Advertising budget
  • Franchise fee

Payback period: 36 months
Average turnover per month: $54,020
Royalty: $2,400
Franchise fee: $54,020

Support before opening:

  • Competitors analyses in the partner city
  • Individual business-model development for each pertner. Calculation of investments, profitability, payback of the project

Support before opening: Clinic space and repairs

  • Help in finding the space area for the clinic and estimation (estimation by the Head Company)
  • Preparation of specifications for equipment
  • Recommendations for the renovation of the clinic space area
  • Author's supervision

Support before opening: Clinic equipment and furnishings

  • Recommendations for equipping the clinic in accordance with regulatory requirements
  • Access to centralized procurement of equipment and consumables
  • Documentary registration of medical and other equipment in a medical organization
  • Recommendations for licensing a medical clinic

Support before opening: HR and training

  • Consultations, assistance in recruiting (candidate questionnaire, online interview with the candidate)
  • An adapted system of salary and motivation for employees of the partner city
  • Final interviews with applicants for key positions via Skype
  • Business owner and administrative staff training in the main operating clinic "Naedine" (* travel and accommodation are paid separately)


  • Connecting a partner to a federal web site
  • SEO-promotion
  • Providing prepared advertising campaigns in Ydirect and Google Adwords
  • Recommendations for creating a strategy for promoting the clinic in the Partner's region
  • Connecting the partner to the Health Academy - a community of followers of a healthy lifestyle in the Internet
  • Recommendations for organizing event - activities within the framework of a federal advertising campaign
  • Providing content for maintaining social medias of the Partner in the beginning
  • Providing prepared advertising campaigns for social medias (Vkontakte, Instagram)

Support after opening:

  • Analysis of the commercial efficiency of the current partner clinic
  • Overall support and consulting during the process of operational activity
  • Access to a common database of information: distance learning based videos and presentations for medical and management staff
  • Operations trainings, advanced training of management personnel
  • Methodology for increasing the average check
  • Periodic professional development of the partner's employees
  • Monitoring the work of the partner's clinic "secret patient", evaluation the quality of medical services

Other current payments: none

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Naedine Franchise Business Model

Average turnover: $54,020
Average check: $33 (per patient)
Average number of patients per month: 1,500
Average profit per month: from $13510

Naedine franchise investment
Naedine franchise fee

Requirements for the clinic naedine franchise buyers
  • Availability of necessary investments for project implementation;
  • Business experience;
  • Experience of participation in the operational activities of a medical institution;
  • Personal qualities: perfectionism and maximalism.
Requirements for the clinic space area
  • Minimum area: 320 m²;
  • Ceiling height: Not lower than 2.6 m;
  • Location: 1st floor / separate building;
  • Entrance: Separate, 2 entrances;
  • Communications: Availability of communications;
  • Lighting: Natural lighting in offices;
  • Parking: Parking will be an advantage;
  • Accessibility for people with limited mobility: Equipping with a ramp;
  • Power grid: Voltage 220V;
  • Internet: Ability to connect to high-speed Internet.

Naedine Franchise Advantages

  • Franchise in the growing medical services market
  • High level of service and medical care
  • United high quality standards
  • Highly qualified medical staff
  • Constant positive dynamics of income level
  • Well-established business processes
  • Personnel training systems
  • Effective and proven methods of treatment and diagnosis
  • Own contact center with optimized business processes and high conversion rate of patient registration
  • Convenient IT services for employees
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