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About Play N Trade franchise

Revamp your gaming world with the Play N Trade franchise, the heavyweight champion in the video gaming retail industry! Blowing mind-racing karts off the tracks and taking the princess out of the proverbial castle, Play N Trade innovates the business of 'play' and 'trade'. It is not just a retailer but a hub for all things gaming: from purchasing new and used games and consoles to repairs, this franchise digs deeper into the gaming world, even hosting state-wide game tournaments.

About Play N Trade franchise

On the sentimental side of things, a Play N Trade franchise for sale isn’t just a business opportunity, but a chance to be a linchpin within a community of game lovers. By promoting the culture of 'play', enabling the fair 'trade' of games, and creating an environment where friendships can bloom over friendly competition, you are playing a direct role in shaping the gaming landscape for enthusiasts in your area. Life is more fun when you play the games - isn't it time you started?

Advantages of franchise

Comprehensive Gaming Experience: More than merely selling games, hosting mega gaming tournaments makes this a hot location for the gaming community to rally, boosting your store's reputation and customer loyalty.

Trade-In Policy: One of the key differences in the business model is the ability to trade games, adding a valuable service that attracts and retains customers.

Outstanding Support: Franchisees enjoy incredible support from a dedicated team, providing guidance from set-up to marketing to ongoing operations.

Operational Flexibility: Play N Trade franchise does not lock partners into restrictive inventories and instead encourages the selection of products based on local market preferences.

Profit Generation: The franchise diversifies revenue streams by selling new and used games as well as game hardware, hosting tournaments, and offering console repair services.

Franchise requirements

Capital: The potential franchisee should have an adequate financial foundation to meet the initial Play N Trade franchise cost as well as ongoing fees.

Retail Space: Besides financial capacity, you need to secure an appropriate retail location with substantial foot traffic and access to your targeted customer base.

Passion for Gaming: Having a passion for or understanding of video games is beneficial, as customer service and business success hinge upon shared interests and knowledge with your clientele.

Time Investment: Running a successful franchise requires a substantial time commitment, particularly during the start-up phase.

Play N Trade

Franchise profit

In the gaming industry, the value added to each product and the acceptability in the market combine to bring potential profits. With a widespread customer base driven by the popularity of video games, Play N Trade has the potential for high gross margins, especially when you factor in used game sales and console repair services.

How much does it cost to open Play N Trade franchise

The Play N Trade franchise cost is estimated at $216,000 to $329,000. The tally encompasses both the $30,000 franchise fee and other startup expenses, such as inventory, equipment, leasehold improvements, and more. It is recommended to possess at least $50,000 in liquid capital.

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Ongoing Fees

Play N Trade franchise imposes a royalty fee, typically ranging from 4-6% of gross sales. This fee facilitates ongoing franchise services and support. Advertising contributions may also be required to fund brand-wide promotional efforts.

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