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About Pokemoto franchise

The brand was established in 2017. The founder, Thomas Nguyen, loved Hawaiian poke and decided that everyone should have a taste of it. The first restaurant was a success. Soon, Pokémoto started franchising, and today it has entered many markets. The Pokemoto franchise focuses on the provision of healthy and delicious poke bowls that are made only of fresh and natural components. Such a dish as a poke bowl is a rather new kind of food to many people, but it has already gained millions of followers around the world.

The company is constantly growing by attracting ambitious entrepreneurs who want to join the network and expand its influence. Thanks to friendly atmosphere and fast and quality service at each unit, Pokemoto is considered as the number one producer of Hawaiian poke bowls. The brand offers a variety of poke with addition of various fillings, protein, and vegetables. Everybody can find something for their taste. Pokemoto is popular with all kinds of demographics. It is a great alternative to fast food, as it is just as tasty but more healthy.

A Pokemoto franchise for sale is available for entrepreneurs that are in search of a great business opportunity and a desire to enter a profitable market with lots of possibilities.

Advantages of franchise

  • Growing industry. The poke market is fairly small, but it is expected to gain enormous growth in the coming years. So, now may be the best time to seize the poke craze.
  • Training and assistance. The Pokemoto team takes great care of new franchisees. They are entitled to comprehensive support and training provided from day one and during the whole time of operation.
  • Ready-made business solutions. As a Pokemoto franchisee, you’ll receive access to operating systems.
  • Low-cost opportunity. A Pokemoto franchise is an affordable venture for every entrepreneur who is eager to become his own boss.
  • Huge customer base. Even though Pokemoto is a relatively new brand, it is already adored by numerous customers of all ages.
  • Easy operation. The brand has developed and established all business processes and aspects of operation. So, a franchisee will receive operating manuals, guidance, and a well-working business concept.
  • Renowned brand. Pokemoto has made a name for itself. Now, traditional Hawaiian poke is directly associated with the brand. And, everyone can taste authentic dish at any Pokemoto unit.
Pokemoto Franchise For Sale - Poke Bowls

Franchise requirements

Pokemoto’s ideal candidate is someone who is passionate about producing and selling traditional Hawaiian poke. Entrepreneurs that are goal-oriented and motivated to achieve success are preferred. It is preferable if you have prior experience in the restaurant industry, however it is not necessary. Pokemoto provides training and guidance, so you can easily navigate all aspects of the business. There are also some financial requirements that new partners have to meet.

Franchise profit

There is no exact information regarding the amount of money a franchisee can expect to earn. All financial information is presented in the item 19 of the FDD. And, even there you won’t learn the exact number. Usually, the profits depend upon the location of the enterprise, franchise owner’s management skills, and traffic. However, bear in mind that Pokemoto is a profitable network that has significantly grown in recent years.

How much does it cost to open a franchise?

The brand shares the approximate amount of money required for setting up a Pokemoto restaurant along with financial requirements that candidates have to meet. A Pokemoto franchise cost varies depending on the format and location. Pokemoto requires rather low investment making it possible for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and with various financial capabilities to open a Pokemoto unit and enter the network.

Initial Investment: $162,500 - $337,400
Initial Franchise Fee: $10,000 - $25,000
Net Worth Requirement: $250,000
Liquid Cash Requirement: $100,000

Ongoing Fees

Here are some fees that have to be covered by franchisees:

Royalty Fee: 6%
Ad Fee: 1%

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