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ShaurMeals is a street food franchise of shawarma with an extensive menu, favorable royalties and fast payback.

In 2015, we started working to create a place where you can eat quickly, healthily and deliciously. IIn 2018, the franchise began to develop, and there are already 32 ShaurMeals shops currently working, including 8 owned, and 24 under the franchise.

ShaurMeals is a modern street food chain with a varied shawarma menu where everyone - from children to vegetarians, will be able to find shawarma to suit their tastes.We offer a cozy atmosphere, a large selection of dishes, an open kitchen, and pleasant service in several different types of establishments. A step-by-step guide for starting up a business, special software (App), individual 3D design project, individual technical plan of the premises is provided.

ShaurMeals is the most extensive menu on the market, designed for a wide target audience: vegetarians, children, athletes and even people on a diet. Guests are given the opportunity to add ingredients to their liking.

No market participant has a similar menu and, so this is one of the reasons to choose us.

ShaurMeals – main menu
ShaurMeals – menu and drinks

Reasons to Buy a ShaurMeals Franchise:

  1. Fast payback and high profit.
    The average payback of our franchisees is 6-8 months, and the profit, starting at $ 5,000
  2. You will receive a menu created by the world class Chef.
  3. You can use the ShaurMeals app.
    The application will become your powerful marketing tool, as well as increase customers’ convenience, they will be able to pay with the app. It will also solve the problem of queues, increase the number of receipts, and provide visibility of the menu.
  4. We will create an original 3D design project for you.
    An experienced interior designer will work on your project to help you make your establishment a place you want to come back to again and again.
  5. We will design an individual technical plan: you will have a complete repair manual, including every detail: the location of the sockets, electrics, sinks, and location areas for the large appliances.
  6. 6. A graphic designer will prepare all the materials for the visual design of your establishment.
    We make business cards, banners, menus, table-tents, click-boxes, and all the materials that your business might need.
  7. 7. Save three times more on the packaging.
    We buy consumables wholesale. Therefore, we can equip you with materials accompanying the product at prices lower than self-order from the supplier factory. We can reduce your expenses on branded packages and cup holders by three times.
  8. 8. We have experience opening different establishments: kiosks, pavilions, food halls, food courts, therefore we can share this experience with you.
ShaurMeals – company establishment

Size of stores

Parameters for choosing a placement:

  • Heavy traffic and pedestrian flow crossing on the main streets or in residential areas near public transport stops;
  • Possibility of installing a hood;
  • Availability of 20 kW of electrical power;
  • Availability of cold water supply and sanitation, or presence of a supplier of autonomous water supply systems in your region;
  • The area of the premises without a trading floor is from 15 m2, with a trading floor - from 25m2.

Franchise offer

In addition to the financial information found on this page in our Franchise Offer, we must mention that we provide support throughout the collaboration with the franchisee from the moment they start to search for the location to the day they open and start working.

We also have the support from all the departments we have (marketing, technical, IT, etc.) so that the franchisee has all the necessary support.

How much the ShaurMeals franchise cost?

ShaurMeals has a franchise fee starting at $25,000 with a total initial investment beginning at $20,000-$35,000.

Initial investments: from $20.000 to $35.000

  • Lump sum payment – $8.000
  • Purchase of equipment - $5,000 – $8,000
  • Rent and utilities - $1.000 – $4.500
  • Repair and design – $4,000 – $8,000
  • Purchase of products, forms, packaging - $2,000 - $5,000
  • Marketing – $1.000 - $1.500

Payback period: 6 – 10 months
Average turnover per month: $25,000
Royalties: 3,5%
Franchise fees: from $8,000

1. The right to use the trademark and brand;

2. The menu from the winner Chef.
The recipes from the best world-class Chef, the winner of the All-European countries culinary championship;

3. Repair manual and original 3D design project;
An interior designer will recreate your room in 3D format and prepare an accurate and easily reproducible project.

4. Individual technical plan;
The technical director will provide you with a detailed layout of the equipment in your room and a guide for performing repairs. He will also help at all stages of work: from the nails selection to the installation of technical equipment.

5. Graphic designer support;
The creator of the brand book and the brand escort will prepare all the materials for the visual design of your establishment: from business cards to banners, neon elements, and menus.

6. The ShaurMeals App;
We provide all our partners with access to the application.

The ShaurMeals app is:

  1. A powerful marketing tool
    • to attract YOUR guests (loyalty system);
    • for communication (feedback);
    • to conduct advertising activity (push notifications).
  2. Convenience and payments via the app
    • Guests choose the time and the location of the order and pay for it within the app. This way they save time and forget about queues.
  3. Visibility and accessibility
    • The user sees photos of dishes, can add and remove ingredients. Application – more than 1,000 shawarma options in a smartphone;
    • Available on all digital platforms (Android, iOS).

7. Professional social media content and marketing recommendations;

Assistance in the selection of placement;
We will explain how to count traffic, analyze maps, study photo and video materials, and fully accompany you in searching for premises.

You can have training and internship in Irkutsk city(optional). We will give you a tour of all our establishments, answer your questions and tell you about internal operational processes using the example of our own business.

French book;
You get a guide with information blocks that tell you how to effectively launch and develop a business: all the experience of creating a street food restaurant to form your business system from scratch.

Other current payments: no other current payments required

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ShaurMeals – restaurant area

ShaurMeals Business Model

With a revenue of $ 25,000

  • $10,000 – the cost of purchasing products (no more than 40%)
  • $2.500 - rental and utility costs
  • $4,000 – employee salary expense
  • $1.000 - other expenses (marketing, business expenses)
  • $875 - royalties
  • $6.625 - monthly profit

Revenue growth will increase due to regular and new guests, so in a year the turnover may exceed $40,000

  • $16.000 - expenses for the purchase of products (no more than 40%)
  • $2.500 - rental and utility costs
  • $6.000 - employee salary expense
  • $2.000 - other expenses (marketing, household expenses)
  • $1.400 - royalties
  • $12.100 – monthly profit
Requirements to buy franchise
  • Registration of a legal entity (ltd).
  • Willingness to work and delve into the process.
  • Financial viability.
  • Interest in business in the field of catering.

Shaurmeals franchise advantages

The reasons cooperation with us is beneficial:

  1. The most profitable royalty in the niche - 3.5%.
  2. Fast payback and high profit. The average payback period of our partners is 6-8 months, and the profit is starting at $ 5,000
  3. Freedom in the choice of equipment. We know what equipment you need in order to reduce the percentage of meat frying and save on electricity. Our establishments operate on different equipment, and we give you the freedom to choose it yourself, explaining the pros and cons of all types. And also we do not oblige our partners to buy equipment and work with a certain retailer.
  4. Profitable branded packaging. We will supply you with branded packaging (bags, cup holders, wet wipes, and parchment) for selling products. You will save 3 or more times because we buy consumables wholesale, so we can equip you with materials accompanying the product at prices lower than self-order from the supplier factory. You do not need to develop a design yourself, look for a supplier, or understand the nuances of packaging.
  5. You get a guide with information blocks that tells you how to launch and develop a business effectively: : the experience of creating a street food restaurant to form your business system. Specifically:

Recommendations for working with personnel

  1. How to select staff and where to look for it;
  2. Portrait of an employee from a cook to a network manager;
  3. Personnel training system;
  4. Staff motivation;
  5. Functional and job responsibilities of employees, their number, and schedule (manager, chef, technical director, accountant, administrator, cook, cashier - bartender).

Step-by-step marketing of the institution

  1. Placement events using popular resources and promotion before the opening of the establishment;
  2. Effective tools for advertising after launching;
  3. Brandbook;
  4. Branding of employees' uniforms.

Current work of the establishment:

  1. Calculation cards, layouts for cooking;
  2. Ingredients. How to store and how to cook;
  3. Organization of the kitchen, step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for the opening;
  4. The mode of operation of the institution;
  5. Working with suppliers;
  6. The first purchase of products and supplies for the opening;
  7. Tests the knowledge of the standards of service and cooking by the restaurant staff;
  8. Inventory forms;
  9. Each dish is calculated according to proteins, fat, and carbohydrates consistency.

Internal and external product quality control system:

  1. The mystery shopper system and its use to control the level of service and cooking in the institution;;
  2. Detailed instructions for working with feedback from guests and rules for the formation of the image and reputation of the institution;;
  3. The cleanliness control system at the enterprise.

Inventory control and prevention of theft in the institution

  1. Application of technical means of control;
  2. The system of awarding and depriving employees;
  3. The optimal purchase coefficient and what it consists of;
  4. Supply chain: arrival, write-off, and movement of goods. Methods of their control.
  • A detailed analysis of the mistakes of novice entrepreneurs and ways to prevent them;
  • Installation materials for restaurant software (inventory accounting and business automation).

From the moment of signing the contract, you will receive constant support that will help you launch a business quickly and efficiently, as well as manage and develop it.

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