SWEETY Franchise - café of frozen yogurt and gelato chain

SWEETY franchise opportunities

SWEETY franchise opportunities

How to earn money?

The simplicity of making frozen yogurt and the self-serve service model let the cafe function efficiently with minimal costs.

Our partners earn money by selling frozen yogurt with toppings and gelato ice cream. Frozen yogurt (like gelato) is prepared directly at the point of sale and served to the guest instantly, so this model optimizes the percentage of write-off in the cafe, ensures the flow of customers without queues.

A proven business model provides a simple opening of a Sweety franchise business:

  1. It is necessary to choose the right location in a shopping mall or other crowded place.
  2. To make a trade island structure or to make repairs indoors in the Sweety corporate design.
  3. To have equipment (freezers for making yogurt, sink, refrigerator) and a bar counter decorated in the Sweety corporate style.
  4. Complete a 3-day training course.

The self-server service model allows the cafe to work efficiently with minimal costs.

We help partners choose a location, calculate traffic and average receipt, purchase and configure all necessary equipment through our suppliers with the biggest discount, and design a cafe in Sweety corporate style. We provide all the necessary things for the design of the cafe. For example, instructions for doing business, an assortment of additional products and suppliers of products. We supply mixtures for the production of yogurt and gelato, as well as our own corporate products (glasses, spoons). We provide connection to the software filled with technological maps.

It is possible to open a cafe in the "Trust Management", parting responsibilities between you and the management company. “Trust management" significantly optimizes expenses and increases the loyalty of guests.

SWEETY Franchise

About the company and business

The company's history began in 2014. We tried to create an unusual self-service format and the bright flavors of frozen yogurt with various toppings quickly gained popularity in the market, and customers liked this delicious and healthy dessert that can be created independently without leaving the bar counter.

The first production of mixtures for the preparation of frozen yogurt was in 2016, but mainly imported raw materials were used in the composition. In 2023, we created SWEETY brand and completely changed the ingredients, improved the recipe, making the rich taste, and the texture more airy. We expanded the product line and began to produce natural gelato ice cream.

SWEETY is successfully developing despite the crises - pandemic. During this time, we have not closed a single cafe or fired a single person. On the contrary, we are opening new locations and recruiting new employees to the team. We produce our own branded products: glasses, spoons, uniforms. In 2023, the network's revenue reached 1 million $.

Today, SWEETY brand is a team of 25+ people and a network of 5 cafes selling frozen yogurt and 1 trade island with gelato, which operate in large shopping centers, and delight visitors with unusual and delicious desserts. All cafes have a loyalty program – cashback from 5 to 30%.

Description of the franchise

By opening the first cafes according to international standards, our team went all the way to franchisee and gained the necessary experience in network management. Today we know exactly in which locations it is better to open a cafe and how to turn it into a successful and profitable business.

Frozen yogurt is a delicious and healthy treat that is popular among adults and children all year round. Due to its low-calorie content, it is suitable for people who adhere to healthy lifestyle, so audience coverage is fairly wide.

SWEETY Franchise is a fledged corner cafe or a trade island cafe with a self-serve system. Our guests can, by their own choice, independently fill a cup with various flavors of frozen yogurt, and then add berries, fruits, sweet toppings to it and pay for the order at the checkout.

We are ready to see partners in the team from cities where there are shopping malls with high visitor traffic and other crowded places.

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Franchise Benefits

  1. More than 10 years of experience. Currently, there are 6 cafes in large shopping malls.
  2. We work according to international quality standards
  3. Constant demand and lack of seasonality. Frozen yogurt desserts are popular all over the world, so we decided to adapt the recipe and production of a well-known international brand to the market. The demand is year-round, walking around the mall, many adults and children want to eat a delicious and light dessert.
  4. Self-serve service model. A big plus is the speed of cooking and serving guests. Cost optimization and the opportunity to create your own unique dessert.
  5. We know how to make money in unstable times. We survived the pandemic in 2020, many cafes were closing, but we managed to survive, save selling points and successfully develop them under our own brand.
  6. Own production of ingredients. At the start of our activity, all raw materials were purchased abroad, and later we launched our own production of mixtures for making frozen.
  7. Low competition. Frozen yogurt brands are not actively represented in the market, therefore, our franchisees have every opportunity to become leaders in their city.
  8. Small number of staff in the café. 2 people are enough to work at one selling point: the administrator at the checkout and the bar, the salesman in the kitchen and near the freezers.
  9. Special prices. For equipment, disposable branded tableware and POS materials.

Franchise Package

We provide franchisees with a choice of 2 formats of cooperation:

  1. Self-discovery and management under the Sweety brand.
  2. Opening under the Sweety brand and operational management.

The franchise package includes:

  • The right to use the brand, know-how and other intellectual property in the territory defined by the commercial concession agreement or license agreement.
  • Visualization of the room and the layout of the equipment.
  • Help with choosing a location for a cafe in your city.
  • Calculation of the financial model for the partner's city.
  • The franchisee book with standards.
  • A brand book with a corporate identity and layouts.
  • The launch team at the start: owner, chief operating officer, marketer and technologist.
  • Providing contacts of suppliers and assistance with the selection of equipment and furniture.
  • Purchase of raw materials and branded products directly from our production.
  • A ready-made menu with technological maps and updating the menu for events.
  • Consultations at all stages of the work.
  • Ready-made and content-filled social networks before the cafe opens, a marketing plan and content for the period of cooperation.
  • Adding the partner's address to Sweety's main website.
  • Contracts with employees, job descriptions, checklists for opening and closing cafes, etc.
  • Placement of the cafe address on maps.

How much does the SWEETY franchise cost?

SWEETY has a franchise fee from $6,550 with a total initial investment from $21,825.

Trade island for 2-4 freezersCorner for 4 freezersCorner for 4 freezers + gelato
Investmentfrom 21 825$from 57 850$from 65 500$
Franchise feefrom 6 550$from 8 730$from 9 820$
Royalty5% of revenue5% of revenue5% of revenue
Payback periodfrom 12 to 24 monthsfrom 24 to 30 months
Average monthly turnover13 000$17 500$19 650$

It is necessary to invest 2% of the revenue on a monthly basis for marketing events!

Profit calculation

Trade island for 2-4 freezersCorner for 4 freezersCorner for 4 freezers + gelato
Average check7$
Average number of checks per month1 8002 4002 700
ProfitFrom 2700$From 3800$From 4300$

The terms and conditions for master franchisees are discussed individually for each country.

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Training and support

Before starting work, we invite a future partner to meet us at the head office and show them how our cafes work on the selling spot. Further, as part of the support:

  • Internship at the head office.
  • Departure of the team for the opening.
  • Job descriptions of employees, checklists for the cafe.
  • Marketing and promotional materials.
  • Software access and training.
  • Partner's advice and support on all issues of current activity.

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Obligations of the parties

By opening a cafe under Sweety brand, the franchisee designs the point according to our standards — in corporate colors, according to the agreed concept of the brand book. It is necessary to take into account the technical requirements for connecting electricity, water and other communications if necessary. At the selling point, it is important for the staff to comply with service standards and adhere to the main menu, which gives 90% of the money turnover. Taking into account the peculiarities of the region, the partner can expand the range and introduce a new taste upon agreement.

The purchase of mixtures for making yogurt and gelato, as well as branded disposable tableware is carried out through the franchisor.


  • The opportunity to invest $21,825 in the launch.
  • Choosing a suitable location with maximum cross-country ability.
  • Compliance with the technical conditions for connecting electricity, water, ventilation and air conditioning (if necessary).
  • Ability to negotiate with renters and suppliers.
  • Selection of a team of like-minded people.
  • Compliance with the recommendations of the franchisor.

Room requirements

  • The area is from 12 m2.
  • Availability of water supply and sewerage.
  • Electricity of at least 15 kW.

Open Stages

  • Location selection.
  • Conclusion of an agreement with the franchisor.
  • Conclusion of an agreement with the landlord.
  • Production of projects.
  • Renovation of the premises or manufacture of an island structure, production of a bar counter.
  • Purchase of equipment.
  • Installation of the trade island, bar counter and equipment.
  • Purchase of products for sale.
  • Production of marketing materials.
  • Internship at the cafe.

The opening period of the cafe from the moment of signing the contract is from 12 to 17 weeks, depending on the complexity of the concept and the delivery time of the equipment.

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success story

We started as franchisees ourselves in 2014. Over the past 10 years, brand names, frozen yogurt ingredients, staff and locations have changed. Concepts, regulations, standards and instructions have been finalized. Only one thing has always remained unchanged — the quality of the product! Its taste, useful properties, the presence of a large range of vitamins, natural fruits and berries in the composition, low calorie content — all these advantages have made frozen yogurt one of the favorite desserts for children and adults. In recent years, we have started making milkshakes and smoothies from frozen yogurt, and the hit of the end of 2023 — Sweety Bubble Tea — has already become a favorite among a huge number of children and young people.

The popularity of frozen yogurt continues to grow, and this product has new fans. At the same time, this niche of the market is quite free, which gives an undoubted advantage to entrepreneurs who are ready to invest their investments in this interesting and simple business. Joint trade in frozen yogurt and gelato ice cream in one cafe will bring additional income to the owner.

All our cafes have paid off for a long time, they bring profit, which allows us to develop this business. That is why we decided to expand Sweety network through franchisee partners.

The payback period of the project ranges from 1 to 3 years, depending on the chosen concept and location.

  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
  • Year company was founded:
  • Franchised companies:
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