The DRIP BaR Franchise - Provision of Healthy and Beneficial IV Cocktails

About The DRIP BaR franchise

Alternative medicine along with health supplements are gaining enormous popularity today. People have become more conscientious about their health and well-being. That’s why the DRIP BaR franchise is a great venture for businessmen that want to enter the ever-increasing industry of health. The DRIP BaR specializes in the provision of healthy and beneficial IV cocktails that have proved to be effective for one’s well-being. The company has operated for over 7 years, and it already created quite a reputation for itself. The brand specializes in IV therapy, and it offers healthy vitamin treatments, such as drips and shots.

The DRIP BaR Franchise

Therapy concentrating on infusion of vitamins is a hot health service nowadays. The market proposes numerous possibilities, and a base of customers is quite large. The DRIP BaR franchise for sale is available for all entrepreneurs who want to get on a profitable venture and make a difference in people’s lives. Starting your own and branded IV establishment allows you to tap into a promising market and positively impact the community by providing healthy and safe means for health care and well-being.

Advantages of franchise

  • Several revenue sources
  • Corporate support
  • Renowned brand
  • Top quality products and service
  • Opportunity to help people
  • Lots of available territories
  • Therapy focusing on IV infusion is a promising and quickly increasing market segment
  • Opportunity to provide safe and wellness-centered service which is performed by professionals
  • Service is suitable for clients with all kinds of issues with health
  • The brand is compliant with health standards
  • Innovative and careful attitude to health needs
  • A large customer base

Franchise requirements

Ideal candidates for the DRIP BaR are people that are not indifferent, and who want to impact the world by turning it into a safer and healthier space. The brand offers a chance to assist people and help them live to the fullest thanks to top quality supplements, equipment, and facilities. Knowledge of the medical and health industry and some kind of related expertise is preferable, so franchise owners can better understand the brand’s purpose and business. Prospective owners would have to spend a lot of time communicating with patients and organizing the workplace. Therefore, communication and management skills are appreciated. Thus, there exist certain financial criteria that all candidates have to meet.

Franchise profit

DRIP BaR is an exceptional and innovative brand that is good at what it provides. There have already been numerous franchised units opened, and the organization only continues to develop and grow. Entrepreneurs can be expected to get a healthy investment return and rather sizable profits. On average, an individual franchise owner could anticipate to earn about $285,000 a year after covering operating expenses. Bear in mind that earnings can differ depending on many elements, including the enterprise location, associated expenses, and franchisee’s own capabilities.


How much does it cost to open the franchise

The investment put into setting up and developing a DRIP BaR unit include payments for support, training, inventory, equipment, marketing materials, operating manuals, and rent. There exists a breakdown of the DRIP BaR franchise cost:

Initial Investment: $13,000-$280,000
Franchise Fee: $55,000
Liquid Cash Requirement: $100,000-$125,000
Net Worth Requirement: $300,000

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Ongoing Fees

The royalty fee of 7%, and a marketing fee of 1% are integrated in the agreement and required for covering monthly.

The DRIP BaR Franchise Info:

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