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TOAST-IT franchise for sale

Who we are

TOAST-IT Is the italian fast food chain focusing on gourmet toasts, whose main goal is to establish an international franchising system using high quality Italian products only. Our company was born in Naples, the city of sun, sea and good food, where the best chefs work everyday to create new toast recipes and discover new flavours, to offer an always updated menu for mind blowing tastes. TOAST-IT Franchising system is constantly expanding thoghout Italy, thanks to the quality of the products and the continuous support given by the headquarter. In order to guarantee the success of every affiliate, our stores have been projected and realised in order to provide a nice, comfortable and useful setting. The management is made up of dynamic and scrupulous people, motivated and responsive collaborators, professionals accustomed in solving problems and finding new solutions.

TOAST-IT franchise cost

Master franchise

TOAST-IT Franchising system aims to replicate all over the world, through Master Franchising agreements, a winning format that fully embraces the concept of eating well in a healthy and well-organized environment.

Becoming a TOAST-IT Master Franchisee means developing in your country a successful business structured with the opening of Italian fast food restaurants that market products of the highest quality. The TOAST-IT Master franchise formula can be defined as Open Easy and is open to all entrepreneurs who wish to strengthen their identity on the market and to establish themselves in the world of Italian catering.

TOAST-IT franchise to own
TOAST-IT franchise investment

Our products

15 and 22 cm toast with white flour, wholemeal flour, 7-grain flour, walnut flour, vegan flour and sweet flour, available in various sweet and savory fillings. Salads.
Italian fries.
Smoothies and extracts.
Bar department.

TOAST-IT franchise

Some services for master franchise

  • Use of the TOAST-IT Brand.
  • Country Exclusivity.
  • Organization of the executive office of the Master Franchisee.
  • Operating Manuals.
  • Training course for all staff, periodic updating courses and coaching.
  • Continuous assistance for the duration of the contract.
TOAST-IT franchise fee

How much does the TOAST-IT franchise cost?

TOAST-IT has a franchise fee ranges from €49,000.

For the acquisition of the Master Franchise TOAST-IT, an entry fee of €49,000 Euros is required in addition to the royalties for the maintenance of the Master Franchising relationship. The Master Franchising contract has a duration of 10 years with the possibility of silent renewal

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