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Hoteliers group chain of appart-hotels companies was founded in 2015. In 2019, the hotels and managing companies were rebranded to «Travelto».

Twelve (12) hotels in Saint Petersburg. All locations are clustered in the historical center of the city within walking distance to sightseeing and central metro stations.

All hotels were built in order to bring passive income, for that “Investor” construction tech was used. The technology means that large space is cropped to small rooms for efficient use. The hotels don`t include non-functional rooms, halls and lobbies. Each apartment is standalone and includes a bathroom, a toilet, a mini-kitchen with a fridge and a stove, comfortable lunch and sleeping places. Two-level units include a double bed on the second level.

Every appart-hotel has an original interior design. The rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, iron and drier.

Simple, comfortable, and functional.

Travelto Franchise Offer

We invite you to become our partner and either to build a hotel which will bring you a passive income being under our competent management or rebrand your hotel which will attract more visitors.

  1. 10 Rooms Format
    • Investments: from $82,590
    • Payback period: from 18 months
    • Monthly profit: from $5,320
  2. 15 Rooms Format
    • Investments: from $118,300
    • Payback period: from 18 months
    • Monthly profit: from $9,510
  3. 20 Rooms Format
    • Investments: from $154,020
    • Payback period: from 18 months
    • Monthly profit: from $14,990
  4. Rebranding Format
    • Investments: from $7,520
Travelto franchise opportunities
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How much does Travelto franchise cost?

Travelto has the franchise fee of up to $9,700, with a total initial investment from $82,590.

Investments required to start Travelto apartment franchise

Initial investments: from $82,590

  • Franchise fee
  • Rent
  • Construction materials
  • Design
  • Furniture and equipment
  • Marketing, etc.

Payback period: from 18 months
Average turnover per month: $10,610
Royalties: 5% of turnover (1 month of royalty vacation)
Franchise fees: $9,700

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Travelto franchise success story

best franchise to own - Travelto Franchise

In 2015, two friends and entrepreneurs, Artur Pogrebennikov and Nikita Chelnokov, being impressed by the ideas of Robert Kiyosaki, captured videos about how they built their first profitable apartment hotels and uploaded them to the Hoteliers YouTube channel.

From the very beginning, they decided to show their audience only the process of building including communication with contractors, failures, building tips, materials, design layouts. Neither Artur nor Nikita had any experience with hotel and development business before. They got their knowledge related to hotels only from books, courses and learning the experience of others.

In some time, Hoteliers channel gained a number of subscribers; Artur and Nikita got their audience and became guides for a lot of beginners in the business around the world of appart-hotels. For 4 years, the project has grown together with its founders. The channel celebrated 2 years anniversary and a lot of subscribers became investors.

Today, the company owns 12 hotels in the centre of Saint Petersburg, the majority of which are built by using its own unique technology of ergonomic use of space. After the implementation of their two first projects, an idea of co-investment appeared, and after the opening of their 12th hotel, it was decided to launch a franchise.

The chain of hotels has the name «Travelto» from 2019.

Travelto Franchise Business Model

A franchisee makes money from payments for appart-rooms by visitors. The turnover from one room makes from $1,060 to $1,140 a month, including from ~ $570 to - $730 net income. The amount of income depends on the number of rooms.

All calls and requests are processed by booking service in the headquarters; a manager receives tasks from convenient customized CRM system and PMS system, which has a detailed hourly schedule of check-ins and check-outs.

10 Rooms Format
15 Rooms Format
20 Rooms Format
Requirements for travelto franchise buyers
  • Travelto franchise helps start your own business to ambitious young people with entrepreneurship experience!
  • Willingness to work and earn, gain experience, and put effort into further development.
  • Travelto franchise is a promising and consistent project for you!
Requirements for travelto apartments
  • A room or a detached building with a good location.
  • Area from 100 m².
  • Rented or own.
  • The floor below should not be housing due to the fact that there will be a shift in wet areas.
  • The ceiling height affects the placement of the second level in the apartments (from 3.2 m).
  • The more windows, the more rooms with windows can be designed.
  • Hot water, heating, electricity.
  • Electricity: from 20 kW.

Travelto Franchise Advantages:

  • The average payback period under the condition of following all the recommendations of a franchisor is 7 months.
    The result is individual and depends on your efforts.
  • Custom design.
    We develop an individual design for your hotel.
  • Content for social networks.
    Due to active promotion on the YouTube channel and Instagram account, there is a large stock of photos and videos for use.
  • Information Support.
    Access to adapted CRM system, online booking module Property Management System and your personal account.
  • Franchisee training.
    Each franchisee will be trained at the Hoteliers School with complete immersion in the process and assignment to open own hotel.
  • Staff training.
    We pay special attention to the training and monitoring of staff. We share proven successful approaches in our network and regularly provide new information.
  • More than 4 years of experience in doing business.
    Based on our own trial and error, we have built an effective business.
  • Promotion by means of active profiles on social networks.
    Own a popular YouTube channel. Our videos gain 232,000 views.
  • Business Manual.
    Unified high network quality standards. Twelve profitable units in the joint venture.
  • Brand Book.
    We will provide you with access to any formats of advertising products that are convenient for you and blend with your corporate identity standards.
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