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About Wing Zone franchise

Over the past years it has become obvious that Wing Zone has served as a place for loved ones, friends, and family to gather together and enjoy delicious chicken wings. The company has thoroughly worked on branding and creating a comfy and convivial atmosphere for all crowds to enjoy. Nowadays, there are more so than 80 franchised units across 5 countries, and the company doesn’t plan to stop. It constantly grows and develops. Customers of all ages adore award-winning wings flavors.

About Wing Zone franchise

Wing Zone franchise is a great investment opportunity for entrepreneurs of various backgrounds. You get a chance to operate an in-demand establishment and sell delicious products for all chicken wings lovers out there. Chicken wings is a kind of food that never goes out of style. The brand has participated in lots of festivals, and it has been called the best provider of chicken wings by numerous followers. It also won awards for its unique and creative flavors. Everybody can find something for themselves there. People choose Wing Zone for quality customer experience and tasty menu offerings. Wing Zone franchise for sale is available for everybody who dreams of entering an ever-increasing food segment and seize sizable profits.

People love wings as it is a tasty and affordable food that is quickly cooked and served. Wing Zone strives to maintain the highest level of customer service, so consumers repeatedly visit its units for seconds. Even though Wing Zone is a highly recognized brand, the cost of its franchise is relatively low in comparison with its fast-food competitors like KFC and Burger King. So, entrepreneurs have a better chance of acquiring this well-known branded unit and making profits right away. If you look for a chance to provide delicious foods, good atmosphere and a venue for people of all ages to enjoy, then Wing Zone will allow you to do just that.

Advantages of the franchise

  • Wing Zone is ranked in the top restaurants in the food segment concentrating on fast-casual
  • The brand offers a diversity of flavors, so every customer can find their favorite and enjoy it
  • Rather low investment in comparison with over fast-food chains
  • Constant corporate assistance and guidance
  • Provision of training that is thorough and comprehensive
  • Footprint is small and easy-to-operate
  • Top-notch technologies for delivery and innovating food
  • Renowned brand recognized in numerous countries
  • Company that has won awards for its efforts
  • Large base of followers from all over the world
  • Excellent suppliers
  • Advertising support
  • Proven business concept
  • Delicious product that is recognized across the world
Wing Zone

Franchise requirements

Wing Zone’s ideal candidates are entrepreneurs that have experience with client service. The company is proud of the standard of service it maintains, so prospective franchisees must possess solid communication and management skills to sustain great relationships with customers and personnel as well. Bear in mind that Wing Zone is all about building a good image and reputation within the public, marketing along with establishing solid relations with the audience in your territory is essential. Prospective owners will have a team of employees under their guidance, so it is important to have the ability to lead and delegate. Besides, franchisees have to be financially capable to set up and manage their own franchise. So, having enough budget is one of the most important criteria.

Franchise profit

Wing Zone provides this kind of information in the FDD. The breakdown of revenue, operating expenses, and prospective income should be disclosed in the document. The network constantly grows, and all units seem to be doing great in terms of financial performance. So, take that in consideration when you think about joining the organization. It is a profitable network that survived many economic crises and managed to maintain good results despite disturbances in the market.

How much does it cost to open franchise

The breakdown of Wing Zone franchise cost and financial requirements is presented below.
The investment includes purchase of equipment, rent and construction, getting insurance and supplies, as well as hiring staff.

Initial Investment: $421,100-$750,100
Franchise Fee: $40,000
Liquid Cash Requirement: $150,000
Net Worth Requirement: $400,000

Ongoing Fees

Wing Zone requires covering an advertising fee of 4% along with a royalty fee of 6%. These are essential fees that have to be covered in order to use the famous brand name and get enormous marketing support.

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