“Arab Franchise Expo” 3rd Edition To Be Held In Dubai On 6-7 Nov 2024 At Queen Elizabeth 2

| 20.03.2024
Arab Franchise Expo

The Arab Business Media Group, under the distinguished chairmanship of Khaled Almaeena, a renowned media personality in the Arab world, is delighted to announce the highly anticipated third edition of the Arab Franchise Expo. This flagship event is scheduled to take place on November 6th and 7th, 2024, aboard the majestic Queen Elizabeth 2, docked in the vibrant city of Dubai. The expo, celebrated for its extensive showcase of franchising opportunities within the Middle East and beyond, is gearing up to present an even more dynamic and comprehensive platform for both burgeoning and seasoned franchisors and franchisees.

Building on the resounding success of its preceding iterations, the Arab Franchise Expo is set to unlock new business avenues, foster innovative breakthroughs, and encourage unmatched networking opportunities among industry stalwarts. This year’s expo is poised to draw in hundreds of participants, including international brands seeking to broaden their market presence in the lucrative Middle Eastern landscape, as well as local entities keen on exploring franchising for business growth and diversification.

The two-day spectacle will feature a stellar lineup of speakers, hands-on workshops, and panel discussions designed to equip attendees with the latest insights into franchising trends, strategies, and challenges. Moreover, the event will facilitate invaluable face-to-face interactions with leading franchisors, offer access to exclusive investment opportunities, and open doors to partnerships destined to elevate businesses to unprecedented heights.

“We are beyond excited to host the third edition of the Arab Franchise Expo on the prestigious Queen Elizabeth 2 in Dubai,” expressed Dr. M.A. Babu, the event organizer. “This year, our goal is to exceed all expectations by curating an even more enriching experience for our attendees. The expo is poised to act as a powerful catalyst for innovation and growth within the franchising sector, laying down a robust foundation for businesses to flourish in our ever-evolving market.”

In conjunction with the expo, the event will also feature a focused franchise conference and culminate in the esteemed Arab Franchise Awards, celebrating outstanding achievements within the franchising community. The Arab Franchise Expo is an essential event for entrepreneurs, investors, and business aficionados eager to navigate the intricacies of franchising and seize the vast opportunities it presents.

For more information on the Arab Franchise Expo and to register for the event, please visit www.arabfranchiseexpo.com.

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