| 15.04.2024

Companies must embrace the power of synergy to survive in business due to disruption and changing times. We create facilitating environments to show African enterprises how to work together and with international business partners to achieve growth. We know Competition was the norm, but now Coopetition is the new Normal! The Drawing Board presents the best platform for coopetition. The Mastermind Sessions provide the opportunity to discuss and share real issues and solutions that have worked, and the Exhibition fosters networking for profitable business partnerships.

Since its inception, the Drawing Board Mastermind sessions pulled Business owners from over five continents and has led to profitable Business Partnerships among Participants and Speakers alike.

This year, we are creating Business Franchise Opportunities for CEOs in Africa with reputable Franchisors. We provide the ground for learning about franchising aspects to help with faster decision-making and meet and contract with reputable international franchisors.


WEBINAR FOR FRANCHISE CONCEPTS PRESENTATION To be held on 24th April 2024 from 10.00 to 13.00 GMT+1: This will be an online webinar using our Zoho Meetings for franchisers and franchisees to build African ecosystems. Participation is free for both franchisers and potential franchisees. To Register, click

The CEO Drawing Board