Press Release - Halal and Eco are Millenials' Choice

| 14.03.2018
Press Release - Halal and Eco are Millenials' Choice

Press release
Halal and Eco are Millenials' Choice

The trendsetting generation of millennials in Russia chooses healthy products, ethic services and reasonable consumption. In addition to growing trend for eco-friendly and natural goods, Russia is experiencing hospitality boom that urges HoReCa companies to respond to specific food preferences of tourists.

Alif Consult - the organizing company of the annual halal exhibition in Moscow – pay attention to the needs of millennials and tourists with strong purchasing power and gather halal and eco-friendly companies that contribute to individual well-being.

On April 25-26 Crocus Expo, Moscow, will host the International specialized b2b exhibition HALFOOD® that will unite healthy food and eco-friendly goods producers and buyers. The Expo will combine two key salons - Halfood® salon for halal and healthy food and Ecogoods® salon for eco-friendly goods and services of non-food category.

The Halfood® exhibition is a specialized platform that helps participants to immerse the market for halal and organic products. In 8 years of the exhibition's continuing growth, the number of halal food and non-food companies in Russia increased twentyfold. The niche pioneers are now the market leaders and have their products sold in many commercial networks and retail stores. Due to the exhibition’s work, halal label is carrying the meaning beyond purely religious standard. It became highly recognized mark of high quality and environmental friendliness. Products under the popular brand Ekol are a vivid example of such. The brand has been the leader of meat sections in Auchan for many years, and in 2017 received the award of the Best Halal Company.

The participants of Halfood expo find buyers and establish exports to the Middle East. Russian halal exporters produce chicken products under the brand an-Noor and Russian caviar by the company Kamchadal. In halal export pipeline, there are turkey, beefsteaks, canning products, baby food and chocolate. Halfood is the meeting point of buyers from the Gulf and Russian certified halal producers.

The Ecogoods® exposition is a salon for organic and eco-friendly products and services. It displays goods and services with organic, bio and eco-friendly labels. The Ecogoods® salon provides a platform for companies that follow the principles of reasonable consumption, sustainable production, health promotion and improvement the quality of life in contemporary environment. The salon includes sections for natural cosmetics, perfumes, eco-textile, eco-friendly detergents, eco-healthcare, eco-tourism, catering and hospitality.

The busy event schedule and show program of the Exhibition aim to boost networking and knowledge sharing of experts and top market players.

Halal and Eco are Millenials' Choice

The Halfood® and Ecogoods® team has deep-dive expertise at business exhibitions and professional event platforms. On April 25-26, 2018, the organizers host the halal industry’s top event at the best venue in Russia - Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre.

The organizers of Halfood® and Ecogoods® 2018 welcome:

  • Producers aimed to present their products in the most efficient way and to find new business partners;
  • Representatives of distribution companies, wholesale and retail chains and grocery stores;
  • Visitors who want to get up-to-date information about halal and eco-brands, and to talk to the representatives of different companies in person.
  • Media outlets that keep an eye on the latest business trends in Russia.

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Halal and Eco are Millenials' Choice