Successful Partnership of Algorithmics San Sebastian and Vicomtech Technology Center

| 20.07.2023
Successful Partnership of Algorithmics

In January 2023, Vicomtech introduced the students of the Python Pro advanced course in Algorithmics San Sebastian to a number of the challenges faced by their team and dared them to come up with solutions.

The challenges were in the field of smart mobility and autonomous cars. Vicomtech, a technological center specializing in artificial intelligence, visual computing, and interaction, warmly welcomed the students and provided them with a comprehensive explanation of their work, methodologies, and objectives. They also introduced the students to several ongoing projects and encouraged them to devise an elaborate solution plan for one of the issues presented by these projects.

Next, the students were split into three groups and started analyzing the posed challenges and brainstorming different solutions to tackle them. After that came the time to select one of the proposed solutions to develop further into an elaborate project plan ready to be implemented. The teams worked persistently on their projects like real professionals. Hard work on the primary version of the project continued until March, and presentations took place in early June. The students’ work was met with a lot of appreciation and recognition. The knowledge they gained in Algorithmics in technical, social and soft skills did not go unnoticed.

Oihana Otaegui, Director of the Transportation and Security Division at Vicomtech, highlighted, "We have been surprised by the seriousness, professionalism, and depth of the analysis carried out by the three groups participating in this challenge. We have been impressed by their ability to tackle problems similar to those we face in our daily work, and to see how they have applied their knowledge despite having a more limited mathematical background. Their ability to seek and find creative solutions at every stage of the process is a testament to their talent and potential."

To the participants, this collaboration was an opportunity like no other. They were treated like peers by the Vicomtech team members and had the chance to put their knowledge to the test in a real-life work environment. Such experience is guaranteed to broaden their minds and make them see programming in a new light. They realized that the skills they learned in class go beyond simple challenges and tasks and are at the center of all influential fields and are already changing lives.

It is through initiatives like this that Algorithmics gets closer to turning the dream into a reality. We are grateful to Vicomtech and our partners in San Sebastian for contributing to Algorithmics' grandiose social mission. Together we can change the world, and we will.

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