The Franchise Exhibition in Canada

| 22.02.2019
The Franchise Exhibition in Canada

What may be more useful for a person, who is looking for a business to own, than a face-to-face meeting with a successful entrepreneur who has already tackled it and ready to share their valuable experience? The Franchise Expo which is planned to take place on 6-7 April in Regina, Canada provides the opportunity for visitors to get some useful hacks on how to start their own business and avoid all the pitfalls of running a franchise company. The attendees will also be able to take part in useful seminars on various topics related to franchising.

Some of our exhibitors include: Harvey’s, Cumon, HERO Certified burgers, Xtreme Post, PetValu, Kekuli Cafe, The UPS Store, Mr. Mikes, Fion MacCool’s, Stor-X.

Date of the conference: 06 - 07 April, 2019

Location details:

Evraz Place
Queensbury Convention Centre Halls A&B
1700 Elphinstone Street
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

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