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About the brand «ArgoPrep»

About the brand «ArgoPrep»
Go by ArgoPrep is a distinguished programming school for children aged 4-15, backed by a successful 7-year business model. Our franchise offers an entry into a fully automated, technology-driven educational sector, enabling a swift business launch within two months. Equipped with a wide array of educational products, proprietary literature, and an all-inclusive Learning Management System, we provide quality education that's recognised by Forbes. With the possibility of earning Microsoft Certification, our franchise partners join us in paving the way for the future of education.

At our franchise, we provide a comprehensive teaching curriculum specifically designed to foster a deep understanding and love for coding. To ensure top-tier instruction, we offer extensive training programs for our teachers to equip them with the necessary tools and techniques to effectively deliver our curriculum.

We boost your sales process with robust resources including proven scripts, a comprehensive database, a fully set-up CRM that's automated for efficiency, and an extra 5 hours of specialized training.

Moreover, we equip you with impactful marketing tools, including pre-designed materials, photo stocks, text and visual content. Plus, we provide expert recommendations and connections to our trusted contractors to amplify your marketing efforts.

To strengthen your team, we offer a detailed profile for the ideal teacher candidate, provide descriptions for various vacancies, and share effective interview strategies to ensure you hire the best talents for your franchise.

We provide comprehensive business processes, along with supporting materials and instructions. Plus, our supportive team is always there to assist you in navigating through the complexities of your franchise operation.

We also offer CRM services that include full automation and personalized settings, along with consultations and steadfast support to ensure you are making the most out of your business tools.

Wrapping up, our comprehensive support extends to offering exclusive branding rights within a 1-3 miles radius. For matters concerning rent, accounting, and design and equipment needs, we're there with expert consultations and access to our trusted network of high-quality contractors. This is your final step to a successful, fully-automated franchise journey with us.

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How much does the ArgoPrep franchise cost?

ArgoPrep has a franchise fees of $25,000, with a total initial investment of $67,000.

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Initial Investment: $67,000
Payback period: 11 months
Average turnover per month: $19,700
Royalties: 8%
Franchise fees: $25,000 *

Curriculum (3 years)
Training for teachers
Database (Full)
Automated and set up CRM
Extra-Training (5 hours)
Marketing materials
Photo Stock
Texts and visuals
Recommended contractors
Teacher's Profile
Vacancies descriptions
Interview hacks
Materials and instructions
Exclusivity (1-3 miles radius)
Recommended contractors
Design and equipment
Recommended contractors

Other current payments:

Laptops (PC)$6 000
Class Design$500
Projector (TV)$400
Furniture$1 200
Books or additional materials$3 000
Business Licenses & Permits$500
Computer and Point of Sale System$500
Security Deposits and Utility Deposits$3 000
Training Expenses$1 500
Signage$3 500
Grand Opening Advertising$7 500
Additional Funds$15 000

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Business model

Experience the lucrative rewards of our franchise opportunity. With an average profit margin of 35%, each room has the potential to generate an impressive $90,000 in annual profits. Join our franchise family today and unlock your financial success.


  1. Minimum capital equal to the initial investment amount
  2. Availability of accessible capital of $150,000
  3. Credit Score of 720 (for the US market)
  4. Experience in marketing, sales, business, or IT

ArgoPrep franchise advantages

  • Seven Years of Success, Ready for You to Leverage
  • An Array of Top-tier Products to Choose From
  • Profitability Starts Here
  • From Zero to Launch in Just Two Months
  • Integrated Learning Management System Tailored for Teachers and Students
  • Experience the Ease of a Fully Automated Business
  • Proprietary Literature and Educational Books at Your Fingertips
  • Accredited with Microsoft Certification
  • Recognized and Celebrated by Forbes
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