Backpack Media franchise - innovative advertising format

Backpack Media franchise opportunities

Backpack Media is an innovative backpack advertising format with large Full HD screens to broadcast your commercials in any location.

Backpack advertising is a new type of urban digital advertising aimed at a large target audience. The appearance, device and control system are patented.

Backpack Media
The first franchise of advertising on backpacks - an innovative format of promotion!

Backpack Media offers to buy a franchise of advertising on backpacks with connection to the patented IT-system of management and control.

The franchise can be built into the list of services of advertising agencies, which will increase profits and customer loyalty.

We invite you to join a successful team that will provide full support at any stage of business development.

Open your advertising agency franchise in 1 month:

  • With a guarantee of first applications.
  • No office required, free schedule.
  • Payback - up to 1 year.
  • Investment - on demand
  • Average profit - on demand

How much does the Backpack Media franchise cost?

Initial Investment: On demand

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Backpack Media franchise opportunities


Investments for starting a business

  • Start-up investment: on demand
  • 5 sets of backpacks.
  • Franchise fee – on demand
  • Registration of a legal entity.
  • Computer.
  • Reserve for additional expenses
  • Royalty: on demand
  • Payback period: from 6 up to 12 months.
  • Average turnover per month after reaching the planned turnover: on demand
  • Other current payments: none.
Backpack Media franchise

Profit calculation

The amount of your earnings will directly depend on the number of backpacks and attracted advertisers.

Start the business with 5 backpacks, additional you can buy or rent more backpacks.


  • Staff
  • Advertising + call center.
  • Internet, telephony.
  • Royalties - on demand
  • Taxes.

Expenses: 45-50% of turnover.

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  • Willingness to work and make a profit.
  • Acceptance and compliance with the standards of Backpack Media.
  • Access to internet and telephony.


According to the results of the first 9 months of 2023, the volume of the advertising market exceeded approximately $5.4  billion. The advertising market in 2023 has overcome all crises and shows a stable 30% annual growth.

  1. Profitable business model, independent of the size of the city
  2. Stable niche - no seasonality
  3. Quick launch - up to 1 month and break-even in the first 3 months.
  4. Registered trademark, patent on the device and appearance, IT-management system.
  5. Innovative product that causes a WOW-effect - customer advertising will definitely not go unnoticed.
  6. No large staff is required, the partner can independently attract advertisers and be responsible for the production of advertising.
  7. Technologies for working with promoters, selection, recruitment, connection to services for working with the self-employed.
  8. Franchise from the manufacturer with a guarantee on devices.
  9. Connection to a digital platform for business management and control in online mode.
  10. Detailed statistics in a personal account
  11. Ability to manage the business remotely - you do not need an office and can combine with another business or work.
  12. Provided call center for calling potential customers.
  13. Corporate advertising contractors.
  14. Sales scripts.
Backpack Media

Training and support

  • Assistance in registration of a legal entity
  • Advice in obtaining a legal entity.
  • Recommendations on the choice of taxation system.

Operation menu and trademark

  • Permission to use a trademark.
  • Rules for the use of corporate identity.
  • Layouts for printing, advertising content, operation menu.

Website and personal account

  • A website customized for your city to attract advertisers.
  • Connection to a patented digital platform for remote management and control.
  • Technical support.


  • The backpack promoters themselves are the main channel of advertising.
  • Scripts.
  • Call center.
  • Contextual advertising.
  • Presentation materials to show to customers.


  • Training of the partner and his employees in all business processes from the founder of the company.


  • Recruitment, onboarding, coaching, motivation.
  • HR coordinator + recruitment tools.
  • Starting investments from:
    On demand
  • Company type:
    Business & Home Services
  • Year of launching franchise:
  • Owned companies:
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