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Description Of Algorithmica Programming School for Kids franchise

Algorithmica is a chain of programming labs for kids.

Our objective is to teach kids algorithmic thinking, devising, basic programming skills and to develop an inquisitive mind.

We don't just teach kids programming but create a special world with a fascinating background! At our classes, we actively use the principle of mixed learning. The first part of lessons is taken through an online platform in a visual object-oriented development environment. Commands are given in blocks, students make a program which enables them to manage and control a character and perform different tasks. Another part of lessons includes lectures where students study related subjects and perform different tasks in groups or individually, learn to present their projects and even do five-minute exercises.

Franchise offer

We encourage you to become our franchisee, opening your own school of programming for kids in your town.

As our partner, you can use our positive experience and working partners, minimize time and money wastes and receive well-proven methodology and consultations on establishing and running the business.

Our partners are fully aware that the business will be actual, in demand and socially significant tomorrow.

How much does Algorithmica franchise cost?

Algorithmica has the franchise fee of up to $4,150, with total initial investment from $6,700.

Initial investments: from $6,700.
Payback period: from 3 - 4 months.
Monthly turnover: $5,500.
Royalties: 10% (from the third month of work).
Lump-sum payment: $4,150.
Other current expenses: none.

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Monthly income and expenses for one school:

  • 11 groups with 11 kids each;
  • 1,5-2 hour - lesson fee is (avg.) $15.
Monthly income: $5,500.

Monthly expenses (teacher`s wages per hour, room rental per hour, promotion, materials for classes, additional expenses) - $2,130.

Profit: over $2,500.

Franchise Advantages

  • A growing market with little competition.
  • Programming in a visual environment designed specifically for teaching children.
  • Own unique educational method.
  • Fast implementation of the platform into educational process (teacher training).
  • A large choice of training courses for students of different ages and levels.
  • Group success analysis and monitoring a progress of each student.
  • Project thinking development and interdisciplinary learning.
  • Creating own projects: games, cartoons.
  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
    Education center
  • Company founding year
  • Year of franchise launch
  • Franchisees
  • Own companies
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