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Description of ELC English Language School Franchise

ELC English language school franchise is an effective teaching method, professional approach to selecting staffs and successful business model.

The founders of ELC School Platon and Maria Tsai developed new methods of teaching English to adults.

ELC franchise requirements

At ELC schools, speaking takes 80% of the learning process. During the time, our students learn new words, phrases and sentences and the ways to use them.

ELC method allows the students to learn and practise even the most complicated material by doing speaking exercises.

Hundreds of students from Kazakhstan have successfully completed the course so far. Their positive feedbacks and recommendations resulted in a number of new students.

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What makes us stand out from the rest?

  1. High quality services.
  2. Affordable prices.
  3. All our students speak good English!
  4. Non-standard lessons.
  5. Friendly environment.
  6. Networking space.
  7. Our motto is “Keep on Speaking English.”
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ELC Language School Franchise Offer

Open your own English language school ELC and become a Partner of a successful international company.

ELC franchise information

What does the franchise offer include?

  • Unique Teaching Method
    • Well-thought method of teaching English to adults. Linguists, who developed ELC Almaty method 17 years ago, analyzed English language structure and figured out 80 sentence structures which cover all English grammar. Having learnt them, the student will be able to speak and write good English.
    • Full methodical support for teachers.
    • Regular training for teachers and staffs.

  • Training
    • Training from ELC English language school owners.
    • Regular webinar training for school staffs.
    • Staff training and attestation. Distance education based on video materials and visual presentations.
    • Improvement of teachers’ qualifications.
    • Ready scripts for open lessons, master classes.

  • Successful Business Model
    • Step by step model for opening an effective business management.
    • Individual plan for each Partner.

  • Marketing Support
    • Registered trademark.
    • Company brand book.
    • Ready templates for promotional material.
    • Own website page on the company website.
    • Lead generation.
    • SMM (social networks, Instagram).
    • SEO promotion.

  • Information logistics
    • Connecting to the CRM system.
    • Internet and telephony.
    • Video surveillance system.
    • Constant informational and technical support.

How much does ELC franchise cost?

ELC has the franchise fee of up to $3,500, with total initial investment from $19,000.

Investments Required to Open ELC School

Initial investments: $19,000

  • Rent for the first month, last month deposit
  • Room repair
  • Equipment and furniture
  • Office equipment
  • Video surveillance system
  • Internet
  • Telephony
  • Advertising
  • Staff selection

Payback period: from 5 - 6 months
Royalty: 10% a month
Franchise fee: $3,500

  • Assistance in choosing the room
  • Help in selecting key staffs, teachers
  • Tips on choosing the equipment
  • Detailed equipment installation instructions
  • Assistance in making a staff schedule
  • Registered trademark
  • Ready-made templates for promotional materials for both starting and running the business
  • Company brand book
  • Marketing support
  • CRM
  • Support from ELC English Language school founders at all stages of work.

Other current expenses:

  • Salary to remote teachers.
  • The payment includes the work of teachers from the main office in real time.
  • Telephone calls (part of the program), exam video.

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ELC English Language School Business Model

An example of ELC English language school monthly budget is calculated within a city with 1 million citizens.

  • School revenues consist of subscription fees.
  • Subscriptions for 3 months.
  • Subscriptions for 6 months.
  • The subscription fee will be calculated for your city individually.
  • Monthly attendance: 50 people
  • Staffs salary fund
  • Royalty - 10% per month
  • Taxes

Payback: from 5 - 6 months
The yield on the planned turnover comes for the first year of work.

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Requirements for elc franchise buyers
  • Availability of $19,000 investments
  • Passion for the English language
  • Willingness to grow and learn
Requirements for elc school room
  • Room area is from 200 sqm
  • Not a basement room, preferably 1st floor, but higher floors are acceptable
  • Warm and bright room with windows and facilities

Advantages of ELC English Language School Franchise

  • Quick business start, just 1 month;
  • Ready-made business model;
  • Guide to opening and running the branch;
  • Scripts for all business processes;
  • Monthly training for sales managers and administrators;
  • Professional selection of teachers and staffs for your school;
  • Job descriptions, employee motivation system;
  • Constant methodical and organizational support for teachers in your English school;
  • A unique method of learning English, aimed at the end result in a short time, without loss of quality and level of knowledge;
  • Quick payback;
  • Consultation with our personal manager at all stages of work.
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