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Description of franchise Taiga sweets

Taiga Sweets franchise presents the best natural Siberian sweets which are flying off the shelves due to their unique and inimitable taste!

Under the brand name Taiga Sweets we have selected only the best Siberian dainties, which are well sold on the market.

We personally try each product position, and test sales on our own selling spots to provide you with proven products with high sales indicators.

Shop-in-shop franchise format

The format will enhance the efficiency of your business by involving underutilized resources such as staff, empty space, customer flow.

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How much does Taiga Sweets franchise cost?

Taiga Sweets has total initial investment from $1,000.

Initial investments: from $1,500.
Payback period: 1 months.
Turnover per month: $1,900.
Royalties: none.
Lump sum payment: none.
Other current payments: $17.
  (Advertising printed materials if necessary).

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An average check is $5*.
A markup is 50%.
There are 23 working days per month.

Selling just to 7 people every day, you receive a revenue 7*5=$35 per day.
Total month minimal revenue 23 * 35 = $805.
Your profit is $288.

* Depends on the scope of business. For example, the markup in our partner`s restaurant reaches 300%, and month turnover is  $2'517.
The calculations are based on the most pessimistic estimates.

Kinds of partnership

Franchise Opportunities - Taiga Sweets
We are looking for:
  • BUSINESSMEN who own a business with customer flow and a working salesman, administrator.
  • BUSINESS NOVICES who are willing to acquire practical business skills
  • EXPERIENCED SALESMEN who are experienced in retail (natural products stores, souvenir shops, bookshops, gift shops and others).
  • SOLE OF COMPANY, people who don't want to spend their time but wish to get passive income and their acquaintances, friends, relatives have selling spots for placing ecorack.
Requirements for the room
  • High customer traffic;
  • Availability of free space (0.25 m²) or place for a suspended eco-shelf;
  • Availability of a working salesman and administrator;
  • * Average temperature for product storage is room temperature (+18°С).
Possible places for eco racks:
  • Shopping mall
  • Airport/railway station
  • Entertainment center
  • Supermarket/pharmacy
  • Book stores/ Flower shops
  • Elite alcohol shops
  • Gift shops
  • Healthy products store
  • Souvenir shop (in museums, near local sight-seeings)
  • Sweets, tea, coffee shops
  • Others.

Why Taiga Sweets?

  • There is a constant demand for a product, therefore we are working on three growing markets, such as Confectionary, Gifts and Natural products
  • Our selling point is a brand rack, which is not only a piece of furniture but also a brand zone which is natural and environmentally-friendly. We have 30-40% more sales from our brand racks in comparison with ordinary ones.
  • Every month we test our best selling products taking into consideration our partners’ feedbacks and offer top products to you.
  • Really fast start: you invest only in products, payback period is 1 month, no royalties or additional payments. Invested money are working but you pocket the profit.
confectionary franchise opportunity - business Taiga Sweetsconfectionary franchise opportunity - business Taiga Sweets
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