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Unic-Um franchise offers - cost & fees

Unic-Um company offers a unique franchise of ХХI century game technologies.
These are unique games which allow the players to pick up vital skills which are in demand in the modern world. Such skills as financial literacy and emotional intellect have not been taught at schools and universities yet.

For more than 15 years, our team led by Ekaterina Skuratova has been creating board games. During the time, all game ideas and technologies have been polished to perfection.

Ekaterina has a serious approach to the business; therefore, the company obtained the official licence from the Ministry of Education in Russia. It is one more unique benefit which makes the offer really special.

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Unique learning by means of the games meets the requirements of modern education; thus, we have to expand. We also create board games and quests based on them and conduct clubs "Skills of the Future".

What are Unic-Um games?

  • Games for development and learning, they are fun to play and there are no losers.
  • The games can be played many times and they are always interesting, as they have absolutely various scenarios and provide only positive emotions.
  • Acquiring skills, players practise them at the same time.
  • The players remember the skills consciously, subconsciously and physically.
  • The process of education is not related to cramming and boredom, on the contrary, it is exciting and engaging.
  • The games help learn professional or emotional skills and understand personal benefits over the others.
  • The effectiveness of our games is approved by scientific researches.

Why do you need Unic-Um Franchise?

  • To start a new business and gain profit by means of many benefits which no other competitors offer.
  • The market for board games is expanding, giving up to 25-40% growth annually. There is a good opportunity to occupy the niche today.
  • To boost your ongoing business such as a restaurant, a club, a cafe, an anti-cafe, a coworking space, a training center, and get higher revenue.

For Whom is Unic-Um Franchise?

  • Private schools, colleges, and higher education establishments.
  • Development centers, vocational guidance, as well as social centers.
  • Playrooms and spaces.
  • Restaurants and cafes, to make profit on weekdays.
  • Training centers.
  • Kids camps and resorts.
  • Private teachers and psychologists.
  • Companies which practise corporate education.
  • Parents willing to help their kids improve their soft skills.
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5 Key Benefits of Unic-Um Franchise

  1. You get a profitable well-performing business; we take entire responsibility for creating and development of the product.
  2. Various target audience of the project, including kids, teenagers, parents, adults, teachers, and psychologists.
  3. You don't have to be a whiz in entrepreneurship to buy our franchise. All you need to do is just to fill the market of your city/town with our games.
  4. It is an easily scalable business with an absolutely clear model for attracting customers. In order to make your work easier, we provide a full franchise package which includes all necessary documents and instructions.
  5. There is no need to rent an office or separate room. The game business can easily be run in schools, high schools, cafes and as a part of corporate education.

And certainly, our manager-curator will accompany a franchisee at all stages of work even after launching the project. We also provide courses for teaching your employees.

Franchise Offer

Become a part of Unic-Um team.
Let`s build the future together!

best franchise to invest in - Unic-Um Franchise

How much does Unic-Um franchise cost?

Unic-Um has a total initial investment of $5,000.

Initial investments: $5,000
What is included in initial investments:

  • Purchase of equipment - 8 games (Kaleidoscope of Uniqueness, Financial Kaleidoscope, Kaleidoscope of Emotions, Kaleidoscope of Projects, Metaphorical Associative Cards, Kaleidoscope of Professions, Kaleidoscope of Communication, Kaleidoscope of Elements, Islanders, Unic-Um engineering kit).
  • The cost of starting a business (paperwork, cash register, printing, advertising, uniform for employees).
  • Franchise fee.

Payback period: up to 12 months
Average monthly turnover: from $1,500
Royalties: none
Franchise Fee: $3,000

  • Step- by-step instruction for starting the business.
  • Marketing and finance plan.
  • Unique technique of conducting games, presentations for different audience.
  • Methods of working with customers (to increase the value and payback of the project).
  • Methods of selecting and teaching staff.
  • Training for game facilitators in the main office.
  • Full package with 8 main games.

Other current expenses: none

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We create games which are equally engaging for adults, kids, and teenagers:

"Kaleidoscope of Uniqueness"

Unic-Um franchise requirements

"Financial Kaleidoscope"

how to get Unic-Um franchise

Game "Kaleidoscope of professions"

how to buy a Unic-Um franchise

Game "Kaleidoscope of Emotions"

Unic-Um franchise information

Game "Kaleidoscope of Elements"

Unic-Um franchise info

Game "Kaleidoscope of Communication"

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Game "Kaleidoscope of Projects"

start your own business - Unic-Um franchise opportunity

Game "Islanders"

fastest growing franchise - Unic-Um Franchise

Business Model of Unic-Um Franchise

Unic-Um franchise provides an opportunity to make money from conducting and selling board games.

Players can play the same game many times and it will be always interesting for them due to many possible scenarios. The game can last for 7 hours. Target audience is adults and kids older than 11.

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Counting the price of one game, we take into consideration the solvency of each particular region.

Advantages of Unic-Um Franchise

  1. Buying the franchise you acquire an operating business
    • You don't have to be an expert in entrepreneurship to build a successful business of the franchise. You need to fill the market in your town/city with the games.
    • Our manager-curator accompanies franchisee at all stages of work even after launching it.
    • To make your work easier and successful, we provide a full franchise package which includes many years of experience packed into simple and clear instructions and layouts.
    • Two-week-training for a franchisee and game facilitators.
    • We carefully select our partners and provide special conditions for different towns/cities.
    • All our games are created by the founder of our company Ekaterina Skuratova; therefore, there are no analogues to them anywhere. You receive the games directly from the manufacturer.
most profitable franchise to open - Unic-Um Franchise
  1. Marketing tools
    • The target audience of the project varies starting from kids, teenagers, parents, adults and finishing with teachers and psychologists.
    • It is an easily scalable business with a clear model for attracting clients. We provide our franchisee with tools for implementing active marketing and advertising campaigns.
    • Unic-Um is games created by pedagogues and psychologists which help develop soft skills at any age. Communication skills, self-organization, thinking, and leadership make the basis of a successful life at any age. Games are easy to sell!
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  1. Lucrative business
    • Not high initial investments and monthly expenses.
    • No need to rent an office and keep the staff.
    • Games can be conducted without rent expenses.
    • Quick payback, the business yields profit from the first games.
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