Franchise Expo 2019 in Warsaw

| 05.07.2019
Warsaw Franchise Expo in 2019

Polish Franchise Expo includes three days of meetings, 200 franchises and 7,000 visitors. It provides a perfect opportunity for companies to meet with their future franchisees and expand their business in Poland. The main advantage of the expo over other events is that it gathers people who are really ready to start or run their own business. The visitors will be able to attend a series of workshops, conducted by famous franchise leaders and experts and get a lot of information about franchise trends and hacks.

Why visit

  1. Best franchise opportunities
  2. Trustworthy businesses
  3. High attendance

Dates of the conference: October 17-18, 2019

Location details:

Palace of Culture and Science
Defilad Square 1, 00-901 Warsaw, Poland

Contact Details:

Tel: (22) 560 80 50 do 54


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