Greenbar, a provider of digital agricultural technologies, is launching the world's first raspberry farms in the UAE.

| 29.09.2022

Small innovative enterprise "GREENBAR" is a leading company that provides digital services in agriculture. Produces and sells vertical farms and modules for growing fresh vegetables, greens and berries to the countries of the Middle East and Asia.

For the second year in a row, the company has been successfully presenting its products at the GulFood global exhibition of food innovations.

"The market for vertical farms is just emerging, Geenbar has a number of advantages among supplier companies in the global market. The products are high-tech, the company owns a patent for a virtual agronomist, which allows you to manage farms from anywhere in the world without having a territorial service center.
In 2021, the company entered the TOP-500 FORTUNE of the AGRIFOODTECH company in the world ranking of innovative food producers within the framework of 17 sustainable development goals, which indicates that Greenbar digital farms for greens and berries are of high quality and the company has a high export potential. The equipment is certified in accordance with the requirements of the quality standard of the European Union ("CE") countries, certifying that the equipment is safe for both consumers and the environment” – the message says.

Digital farms for greens and berries Greenbar produced using "green technologies" are industry leaders. The company uses quantum bioponics technology which allows to grow pure ecological products in organic ways, unlike the simplest hydroponics presented on the market.


"Greenbar is one of the first companies to produce equipment for growing raspberries and blackberries in fully automated, closed boxes all year round. Unlike rack-mounted plants on the market, Greenbar equipment is closed, self-contained modules, fully automated, doesn’t require manual maintenance or special preparation of the room, therefore, it is competitive in quality, content and price, which explains its growing popularity.

We focus on developments in the field of artificial intelligence. These are automatic control of microclimate, control and prevention of plant diseases, supply and adjustment of the chemical composition of the nutrient medium. The product is designed to reduce labor costs when growing plants in greenhouses, vertical farms and improve the quality of grown products.

Our global goal is the digital transformation of crop production and the translation of agronomic knowledge into software, which will allow us to digitalize the profession of an agronomist and provide a virtual agronomist as a service to existing crop farms.

We offer Greenbar commercial modular farms for placement in stores and warehouses, which will allow the end user to grow crops stably, regularly and independently with using them always fresh. Without damage and rotting products. Farms are managed remotely using a centralized cloud platform (neural network), which is constantly learning new opportunities.


The entire control system is based on IoT technologies, which allows you to control all equipment in a single service through the user's personal account and manage IoT, collect Big Data in cloud analytics. Control is carried out using artificial intelligence "Virtual Agronomist".

While we are producing microgreen display cases, indoor farms for the commercial cultivation of greens, medicinal herbs, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries! In the future, the virtual agronomist will be able to grow any plants,” says General Director Anton Yedlin.

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