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About Anvio

Virtual reality has previously been regarded as a fiction that we often saw on our TV screens. Today this technology has become available to everyone. Since 2016, Anvio have opened more than 40 venues all over the world.

More than 1,000,000 guests of our parks have had unforgettable experiences, immersing themselves in our worlds and doing so with free movement.

ANVIO VR - children 1

Target audience

The core of ANVIO’s target audience is aged between 16 and 35. Today a large number of guests spend their birthdays, corporate parties and other events in our parks, which makes it possible to promote additional services for our partners.

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We release at least 2 unique games per year, developing them in our own studio. All 10 of our current games serve a diverse range of audiences, but we also integrate 3rd party VR games to make the game lineup even wider.


  • Anvio individually reviews applications from each potential partner. The terms of mutual cooperation are set depending on the specific location and their number;
  • The popularity of digital entertainment today is growing rapidly, which means that each new franchise partner can expect a profit that can return their investment in less than 12 months;
  • The necessary sets of equipment for our game zones are constantly expanding, meaning that each partner can independently select cost-effective options;
  • Anvio constantly provides technical support to all existing partners of the franchise;
  • Count on our advice, assistance in promotional activities and ready-made marketing materials;
  • Constant development: new games are released with updates to current content.

Franchisee package

  • No franchise fee, as long as 2 game zones are present at the location and other minimum site requirements are fulfilled;
  • Software and launcher for running games and detailed VR club analytics;
  • Anvio materials, which include: brand book, marketing materials, logos, prints, images, videos, franchisee manual;
  • Remote equipment setup, included in the first payment;
  • Technical support to ensure the correct functioning of the games, as well as solving technical problems;
  • Account management and support - the assistance of your personal accompanying manager, providing up-to-date news, technological upgrades, help in setting up the location/games.


Formats & Prices

10x10m format5x5m format
  • Surface area: 100 m²
  • Surface area: 25 m²
  • Investment: starting from $16,500 + flexible licensing terms
  • Investment: starting from $13,500 + flexible licensing terms
  • Revenue: from $8,500 per month
  • Revenue: from $4,000 per month
  • ROI: 9 months +
  • ROI: 6 months +
  • Size of game zone: 10x10m
  • Size of game zone: 5x5m
  • Number of players: up to 6 players
  • Number of players: up to 4 players
  • Game time: 30 minutes
  • Game time: 10-15 minutes

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ANVIO VR franchise
Annual subscriptionPay-per-player13% monthly royalty
Unlimited plays for an entire year. Ideal for big cities with high traffic.Pay for every player in the game session. Ideal for locations with variable and seasonable traffic.Monthly royalty from Anvio’s games. Fixed percentage each month. Our games become a variable cost.
How does it work?
1. Sign agreement with Anvio.1. Sign agreement with Anvio.1. Sign agreement with Anvio.
2. Pay annual fee.2. Top up a balance on your account.2. Top up a balance on your account according to revenue projections.
3. Book suitable date for setup with engineers.3. Book suitable date for setup with engineers.3. Set and communicate B2C price to Anvio.
4. Unlimited plays for a year.4. Anvio’s system tracks every commercial session launched.4. Book suitable date for setup with engineers.
5. Charged per player in the game session. 5. Anvio’s system tracks every commercial session launched.
6. Notification sent in advance of low balance.6. 13% charge from Anvio game revenues.
7. Top up balance.7. Top up balance.
Price depending on region

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