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Bake A Wish Franchise Opportunities

Bake A Wish franchise

Bake A Wish is a No.1 brand of Japanese Homemade cake in Thailand which is operating by Thai CEO (Phachyasillapawut’s family). We have known the unique Kobe recipe that makes we are expertise of every kind of Japanese bakery such as Japanese Chu cream, Japanese Cookie, Bread and drink in style of Parisian Café. We are focusing on the best service, the best ingredient, the best production and the best taste for our customers. Our bakery is healthy one for all ages. Our products are forty variety of bakery. For 14 years that we have been operating we received a very good feedback from customers. Nowadays we got 50 branches.

  • East of operations
    Through 14 years of development and experience, we have created a business model that is effectively replicable and standardized. It is the essence of our business success.
  • Comprehensive franchise system
    The greatest part of a franchise is its system. With our proprietary knowledge and experience, we have teamed up with franchise professionals and experience; we have teamed up with franchise professionals and consultants to create a well-developed franchise system that is bound to get your business going.
  • Continuous support and hands – on training
    Another good reason for buying our franchise is to leverage in the support and training given by us. Your successis ours too. We are here to guide you with the right tools ad skills as we grow together.
  • Experience in international markets
    Through many years of experience in International markets, we understand that each market is unique and a tailored approach is required to successfully operate a Bake A Wish Japanese Homemade Cake concept.

Bake A Wish Franchise Offer

Bake A Wish franchise system is a comprehensive set of tools designed to help you get your new business off the ground.

Bake A Wish franchise to own

How much does the Bake A Wish franchise cost?

Bake A Wish has a franchise fee ranges $19,500, with a total initial investment from $96,800 to $113,000.

Initial investments: from $96,800 - $113,000

Type of expenditure Full café 35-60 sq.m.
1.Construction (35 -60 sq.m.) $32,500 - $48,500
2.inltial fee $19,500 (not include Vat)
3. Recognizance with the Shopping mall
(Depend on condition of shopping mall)
$9,700 - $16,150
4. Shop design $1,650
5. Equipment $29,000 - $30,650
6.Decoration shop $6,450 - $11,300
Total $96,800 - $113,000

Payback period: 18 - 24months
Average turnover per month: 15 – 20% of gross per month
Royalties: 2% from gross sale
Ongoing fee
For the operation period the franchisee will have to pay ongoing fee to the company as follows.
Marketing fee + Royalty fee 2% of gross sale per month.

Franchise fees: $19,500 (not include VAT 7%).

  • Right to use out trademark
  • We create the POS system
  • Operation Manual
  • Business Consultant
  • Marketing Advertisement
  • Training and Support
  • Store Design

Other current payments: none

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Success story

Our famed reputation continues to grow by serving high quality products with excellent customer service.

The future for The Bake A Wish Bakery family of franchisees is bright.

New stores are opening soon in Eastern of Thai, while existing franchisees continue to open additional store locations in Asian, Asian and Europe.

We continue to seek high quality franchisees throughout other regions of the world. With the unprecedented interest and franchising requests we’ve already received, the Bake A Wish Bakery brand is projected for superior valuations and ROIs.

If you are intersted in becoming a Bake A Wish Bakery franchisee, please contact our team We will get back to youas soon as possible.

Bake A Wish franchise investment

Bake A Wish Franchise Business Model

Bake A Wish Project 35-60 sqm
Single Unit Franchise fee per 5 years
(Pay to Master Franchise)
Construction cost $30,000
Equipments $15,000
others $20,000
Total $80,000
Cost /Month
Sale volume $45,000
Monthly rent 15% $9,000/Changeable
Staffs 10% $9,000/Changeable
Materials cost 55% $15,750/Changeable
FS commission 2% $2,700/Changeable
Total 17% $36,450
Profit $8,550/month
ROI 9.36 months
Bake A Wish franchise opportunities
Bake a wish franchise requirements
  • Have rich experiences in operations and management, especially in catering industry.
  • Equipped with knowledge about franchise and acknowledge the concept and regime of franchise system.
  • Familiar with the brand, agree with the culture and concept of the company and willing to commit yourself to develop the brand with our team.
  • Equipped with entrepreneurship, willing to devote yourself to the management and follow the supervision and continual training of the headquarter.
  • Have good credit record and solid financial strength, no criminal record.
  • Aware of investment risk in franchise business.
  • Equipped with good communication skills.

Bake A Wish Franchise Advantages

  • Support in the construction and development of the production premises.
  • Support in the construction and development of each Bake A Wish Store.
  • Training of senior management and all employees in the first model store.
  • Identity critical suppliers and products in your market.
  • Marketing PR and local store marketing strategies.
  • Organise and participate in your Grand opening to ensure a successful first impression.
  • Ongoing professional support that covers of the business.
Bake A Wish franchise fee
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