CUBE Ultimate Challenges Franchise For Sale

CUBE Ultimate Challenges Franchise Opportunities

Players (friends & families) are separated into teams (2-6 people) and get ready to overcome a series of different tasks. Their goal is to complete a series of different tasks having time is their unique rival! Combination of brain, fitness, perception & skillfulness is the key ingredient in order to achieve all challenges!

All type of visitors & all ages can live the experience of CUBE Challenge

  • Families
  • Friends
  • School Classes
  • Athlete Clubs
  • Companies & Conferences
  • Birthday Parties

No special physical abilities are required in order to play.
A session typically lasts 60 minutes. However, time can be extended in case a team would like to continue and score higher!

CUBE Ultimate Challenges franchise
CUBE Ultimate Challenges franchise for sale

Size of rooms

Min. 750 sqm. Required for 20 rooms.

600 sqm. for 20 challenge rooms plus corridors & 150 for reception, briefing room, registration area, locker rooms, WC.

CUBE Ultimate Challenges franchise cost
CUBE Ultimate Challenges franchise to own

How much does the CUBE Ultimate Challenges franchise cost?

CUBE Ultimate Challenges has a franchise fee ranges $1,5 per player, with a total initial investment $370,000.

Initial investments:

  • from $370,000/20 Rooms (for Europe).
  • USA/Out of Europe prices: upon request

Payback period: from 14 to 24 months (depends from the country).

  • $70,000 - $135,000 (15%-30% Capacity).

Franchise fees: $1,5 per player/ per month
What is included:

  • All I.T., computers, screens, servers & store’s Operating Software
  • Challenge scenography and decoration
  • Game and electric props
  • Special Constructions
  • All materials, components, detectors, lighting, special devices & effects
  • All design paintings
  • Transportation Costs
  • Tickets and accommodation of our personnel
  • Monitors
  • Training of managers and game supervisors
  • Full documentation of the game
  • Online technical support, manuals & instructions
  • 2000 RFID wristbands
  • Registration station

Other current payments:

  • $2,750/ Year: marketing services
  • $120/ Room: annual licence fee for CUBE os

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CUBE Ultimate Challenges Franchise Advantages

  • Fresh & innovative project – the latest trend in the entertainment industry
  • Several years of expertise in the entertainment field
  • Great importance to detail, focusing on offering high-quality services
  • Fast return of the investment
  • Full marketing and technical support
  • Huge variety of games to choose from
  • Limited Staff requirements: All project is structured to operate with 2-3 people max. staff, depending on the store’s completeness (1 supervisor & 2 gamemasters)
CUBE Ultimate Challenges franchise investment
CUBE Ultimate Challenges franchise fee

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