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About “Dr Lal PathLabs” franchise

Dr Lal PathLabs was established in 1949. It is the oldest pathology laboratory chain in India. With over 70 years of experience and lots of accreditations, Dr Lal PathLabs has high value among customers. The brand offers over 3000 kinds of quality pathology tests. Healthcare industry has always been in demand, but in recent years, especially after the pandemic, people have started to take intensive care of their health. And, healthcare services focusing on pathological conditions have risen significantly.

About Dr Lal PathLabs franchise

Dr Lal PathLabs franchise is a demanded business venture that gives entrepreneurs a chance to make a positive impact while seizing good profits. Great assistance and guidance is provided by the parent company to franchisees.

Advantages of the franchise

  • Low investment. Dr Lal PathLabs franchise does not require lots of funds to get started, and operational costs are not very high.
  • Rich experience. The brand has been operating in the healthcare market for over 70 years, it has deep knowledge and insight in the industry.
  • Highest number of accreditations.The company is accredited by respected organizations, which makes it a credible and trustworthy establishment.
  • Extensive assistance. Franchisees receive help with site selection and a franchise setup, along with field training and assistance with recruitment.
  • Community-centered service. You get a chance to help people and make an impact in their lives.
  • In-demand industry. Medical diagnostic sector is on the rise in the Indian healthcare market.
  • Advanced tools. Quality and innovative technology leveraged by Dr Lal PathLabs allows it to provide the most accurate reports and solid expertise.
  • High profit margin. With a Dr Lal PathLabs franchise, you are sure to get sizable income.
Dr Lal PathLabs

Franchise requirements

Dr Lal PathLabs is looking for highly motivated entrepreneurs with a medical background. A desire to work in the healthcare industry and an eagerness to establish good customer relations are welcomed. Thus, prospective franchisees must be able to fulfill financial requirements. You can find information regarding investment below.

How much does it cost to open the franchise

Dr Lal PathLabs franchise cost is estimated at Rs. 50,000 - Rs. 2 lakhs.

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There is a franchise fee of Rs. 50,000, and a 25% to 30% commission.

Dr Lal PathLabs Franchise Info: https://www.lalpathlabs.com/business-partnership/become-a-franchise

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