DVDNow Rental Kiosks Franchise

About DVDNow Rental Kiosks franchise

The DVDNow Rental Kiosks franchise is a unique player in the entertainment industry, leveraging the power of digital technology to cater to an audience that still savors the physical media experience. Set in strategic locations, these kiosks put a myriad of movies right at your fingertips. An easily accessible plug-and-play model, these kiosks empower the movie-lover in everyone.

About DVDNow Rental Kiosks franchise

The DVDNow Rental Kiosk franchise for sale represents an intriguing business opportunity for those seeking to tap into the enduring popularity of DVDs. As an owner, you can bring joy to movie lovers while reaping the benefits of a distinct, proven business model. Each sale or rent of a new or classic film not only adds to your income but also nurtures a passionate community of cinema aficionados in your locality.

Advantages of franchise

In-demand Business: Despite the rise of streaming services, there's a significant demand for DVDs, catering to a substantial demographic that enjoys the tangible, physical experience of selecting and playing a disc.

Easy Management: The powerful DVDNow software makes it easy to manage inventory, track rentals, and handle customer interactions.

Low Investment Cost: As a kiosk-based business, the initial investment is typically lower than other storefront models, making it a very accessible opportunity.

Proven Business Model: With achieved viability around the world, the system of DVDNow Rental Kiosks franchise is a proven method of doing business.

Flexible Location Choices: Kiosks can be placed in a variety of locations depending on visibility and foot traffic, giving franchisees multiple options.

Franchise requirements

Start-up Capital: Enough capital is required for the initial investment to buy the franchise and set up your own kiosk.

Space for the Kiosk: A strategically located space to place the kiosk is essential. This could be in a mall, in a busy town square, or at other high-traffic locales.

Commitment: As with any business, commitment to the brand and dedication to customer service is vital.

Technical Know-how: Basic understanding of the software and mechanisms involved in running the kiosk.

Legal Compliance: All necessary licenses and permissions are expected to be in place.

DVDNow Rental Kiosks

Franchise profit

The DVDNow Rental Kiosks franchise, with its low setup cost and operational expenses, generally offers a favorable return on investment (ROI). Income is primarily sourced from low-price DVD rentals and sales, making it a highly scalable, profitable business opportunity.

How much does it cost to open DVDNow Rental Kiosks franchise

The DVDNow Kiosks franchise cost varies depending on factors such as location and the number of kiosks. However, the initial franchise cost, including the kiosk and setup, purchase of necessary items, starts at around $20,000.

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Ongoing Fees

Apart from the initial cost, franchisees may also be required to pay ongoing fees, which can include a monthly royalty fee and a recurring fee for system maintenance. These costs contribute to the company’s ongoing R&D, software upgrades, and backend support, providing an ever-evolving business model for the franchisee.

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