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Description of International Chain of ILS Language Schools Franchise

International Language School is a chain of English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese language schools for adults and kids.

ILS is not just English language courses but rather a complete school with deep, systematic training. We offer programs for all ages and levels and provide high quality education aimed at achieving significant results. Every year, hundreds of our students successfully pass international exams and confirm their level of proficiency in foreign languages.

Franchise ILS - International Chain of Language Schools

ILS today

Franchise opportunities - ILS

Chain of 12 schools

ILS Franchise

Internationally recognized CPE, TKT, CELTA certifications

Franchise for Sale - ILS

Accredited Cambridge Center

Best Franchise to Open - ILS

Summer language camp

ILS - Successful Franchise Business

More than 100,000 graduates

Start your own business franchise opportunity - ILS

Students start at 2-years-old

ILS - How to Start a Franchise Business

More than 70 teachers, including native speakers

Fastest Growing Franchises - ILS

School preparation courses - Lomonosov school from scratch

Franchise ILS - Good franchising ideas

Unified State Exam preparation

ILS. How to Buy a Franchise

More than 15 years of successful teaching experience

ILS - Best Franchises to Own

Related Programs
(Chess for kids, psychologist, speech therapist)

Fastest Growing Franchises - ILS

Year-round work

Best Franchise to Open - ILS

ILS childhood area
Kids Club WELCOME are child development centers with a resting café area for parents and year-round programs for kids:

  • English for kids from 2.5-years-old and up
  • Disney Club and Theater Studio
  • School preparation
  • Chess, art workshop, a speech therapist, and a psychologist
  • Children language camp
Franchise International Chain of Language Schools ILS

Franchise offer

We encourage you to become a partner of ILS international language schools chain.

ILS franchise includes:

ILS - Successful Franchise Business

15 years of experience

Franchise ILS

International standards and up-to-date teaching methods

Franchise ILS

A well-developed chain of schools

Franchise ILS

Perfect knowledge of the Russian market

Franchise ILS

Registered Trademark

Franchise ILS

Open relationship with our business partners

Working with us, you get an opportunity to…

  1. Become a preparation center for Cambridge English exams
  2. Participate in annual teacher, language, and methodology trainings
  3. Use a unique employee motivation system, excluding staff turnover
  4. Have qualified assistance in obtaining a perpetual license
  5. Apply unique technology to enter the market and interact with local government.
Franchise ILS
Franchise for Sale - ILS
Education Franchise ILS
Franchise ILS - International Chain of Language Schools
Franchise opportunities - ILS

How much does ILS franchise cost?

ILS has the franchise fee of up to $5,850, with total initial investment from $58,350.

Initial investments: from $58,350.
Average Payback period is: 11 months.
Average monthly turnover is: $22,000.

1st year: $670 per month
2nd year: $1,000 per month
3rd year: $1,170 per month

Franchise fee: $5,850

Tips for selecting premises for the school.
Tips for getting a license.
Advising on hiring key staff and choosing native speakers.
Approximate plans for furniture and equipment placement (layout design for an additional fee)
Recommendations for staffing table.
Constant marketing support.
Promotional guides.
Marketing, templates of materials for opening and for further work.
Company’s Brand Book.
Registered Trade Mark.
Assistance in developing staffing table.
Language camp.
Social networking and blogging.
Corporate discounts on buying printed materials.
SRM system.
Recommendations for choosing equipment.
Corporate discounts on buying furniture and equipment.
Opportunity to take part in the annual Charity Olympiad.
Support at all stages of work, including personal support of the brand founders.

Other current expenses: $6,670

Connection services MTS + website
Room cleaning services
Staff salary

Taxes on salary
Bank expenses
Advertising and PR

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Our teachers

ILS Franchise for Sale - Cost & Fees

Inna Lysak
General Academic Director
Teaching is a part of my life. My life is a mix of creativity and optimism. I strive for self-development and get inspired by each new day. I am happy to work for ILS company as we are a cohesive team of professionals able to inspire and encourage students to get the desired results in learning English.

ILS Franchise for Sale

Yevgeniya Lukyanova
Academic director
We are dealing with the flowers of your life, your future and your hopes for the best. Therefore, our profession does not allow us to get bored or to do monotonous job. Our students motivate us for development, as they are proactive, progressive and extraordinary. I love them, moreover I adore them! I have been teaching kids for years and, by the way, learn a lot from them.

Franchise ILS

Tatyana Rumyantseva
Academic director
I am proud to say, “I am an English teacher”. And I dare to hope I am a good one . Teaching is both my vocation and my path in life. The path I am walking on and I am not going to change it. The more I work as a teacher the better I feel fascinating pedagogical spirit.

Franchise ILS

Viktoriya Timofeeva
Academic Director
Teaching is not only my job but also my hobby, and I enjoy getting deeper into it. I like my job, my team, and my students who create my everyday environment. I am glad to hear the voices as well as to see the eyes of students hungry for new knowledge.

Franchise ILS

Yuliya Kovaleva
Academic Director
I try to spark curiosity in students, as I consider it the main incentive for learning foreign languages. It is easy to do within our classes because we teach our students both language and culture, traditions of other countries as well as provide them with the possibility to practice language-speaking skills.

Success story

Franchise of language schools ILS - founders of brand

ILS is a family business and it started from friendship. The friendship of our kids who were 2 years old when they met each other. It gave the birth to the idea of creating a new strong business called ILS language school.

It had taken some time before we opened our franchise school first and then our own school. Having intentions to provide our children with good education we enrolled them in English language school but we encountered the hassle of commuting to the school. Thus, we understood that education had to be not only of a good quality but convenient as well.

Since 2013 both our families have been managing ILS English language schools chain. The fact that our own children finished the school is the best proof of the high quality education we are proud of!

Best regards to you and your family,
Elena Zhukova and Violetta Korobova
Brand Founders

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Business model

Academic hour fee: $10
Number of classes per month: 2,400 lessons
Average monthly turnover: $22,000
Project payback period: 11 months

* The calculation is based on the data of the school in Moscow; the indicators will be different for each region.

Additional profit can be gained from:

  • Preparing kids for school
  • Selling textbooks and copybooks
  • Additional classes on different topics such as (chess, arts, etc.)
  • The services of speech therapist and psychologist
  • Preparing kids for international exams
  • Conducting cambridge exams
  • Organizing summer camp
  • Corporate english courses
  • Cafe (serving beverages and food).

Benefits of language school chain franchise ILS

Approximate investment to opening (150 sqm):

Repair and construction:

Equipment and materials:


Design project:

Rent (deposit):

Internet, telephone:

Staff salary before the opening:

Staff training:

Advertising for the opening period:

Other expenses:

Total: $58,350.

Requirements to buy the franchise
  • Willingness to follow recommendations;
  • Basic knowledge of English;
  • Availability of necessary funds;
  • Experience in running a business.
Requirements for the room
  • Room space from 150 sqm (5 classrooms for 12 students each).
Location requirements
  • Densely populated sleeping areas;
  • Large residential areas (with a population of at least 70% with minimum of social and/or loaned housing);
  • Developed district infrastructure.

Franchise advantages

Summer language camp

Franchise of language schools ILS - advantages

Corporate courses

Buy a franchise of language schools ILS

Marketing support

Marketing approach to promote ILS international school chain includes:

  1. Providing ILS source files with general image mock-ups at least 2 times a year.
  2. Recommendations for franchisees on organizing and holding thematic events and advertising campaigns related to the media plan and schedule of ILS events approved for the ongoing academic year.
  3. Providing promotional materials (source files) for thematic events and promotional campaigns for the adaptation of the franchisee (Open Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, ABC day and others).
  4. Internet promotion (recommendations for SEO, SMM promotion, targeted and contextual advertising, email, posting information on the website).
  5. Advertising in media: (recommendations on the adaptation of general advertising ILS layouts) for media placement (newspapers, magazines).
  6. Local marketing.
  7. Any other marketing support within the media plan and schedule of ILS events approved for the ongoing academic year is possible upon agreement.
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