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Description of franchise of magic city tour Farolero

Franchise opportunities - Farolero

Farolero is experimental tourism, immersive excursions to the night city with elements of performance, theater, quest.

Farolero is a new word in tourism, synergy of sightseeing and theater.

Farolero is a kind of business without office or constant expenses for keeping employees.

Farolero is a business which requires only two suitcases of stuff and doesn't depend on season and human factor.

Franchise for Sale - Farolero

Farolero franchise offer

Working with us you'll avoid all the hassles with planning sightseeing tour yourself, looking for equipment suppliers, setting up the equipment, making marketing program, training staff, creating city tour instructions for employees, etc.
We`ll do it for you!

Best Franchise to Open - Farolero

Investments in Farolero franchise

Initial investments: on demand
Payback period: from 2 months
Average monthly turnover: on demand
Royalty: on demand
Franchise fee: on demand

You pay for:

  1. Farolero costume with hat
  2. Lantern Farolero
  3. Lantern candle
  4. Farolero mask
  5. Farolero wig
  6. Cloaks for guests (20 items)
  7. Cloaks for assistants (2 items)
  8. Children's cloaks (5 items)
  9. Customized fairy-tale text about the route in Russian
  10. Male and Female voice-off the script
  11. Selection of audio tracks and final track
  12. Branded cover for the costume Farolero
  13. Branded cover for assistants` and guests` cloaks (2 items)
  14. Storage box with Farolero brand mark (1 items)
  15. Bag for assistants` with Farolero logo (4 items)
  16. Shadow Theater in suitcase
  17. Pocket Projector
  18. Hats / Masks for assistants` (2 items)
  19. Gloves (3 pairs)
  20. Headphones (20 items)
  21. Phones or guides (20 items)
  22. Charger for guides + tablet (3 sets)
  23. Mono-earphone for Farolero and assistants` (3 items)
  24. Stickers for headphones (40 items)
  25. Cases for phones (20 items)
  26. A separate webpage of your city with your payment requisites and for communication on Farolero website
  27. Online and video staff training
  28. A textbook for franchisee (see the content below)
  29. Advertising materials design
  30. Free performance in any city (only once, not more than for 4 people, date and the city should be agreed)
  31. The right to use Farolero brand name
  32. Brandbook
  33. Brand concept, presentations
  34. Instructions for working with travelers
  35. Assistance in attracting travelers
  36. Franchisee`s textbook which includes the following information:
    • Staff schedule
    • Initial training
    • Staff hiring (internal regulations, motivational schemes, fines)
    • Requirements for employee`s appearance
    • Operational management
    • Rules for creating and approval of Farolero “trips”
    • Rules of cooperation with shopping centers, shopping malls, organizations
    • Trip sample
    • Recording of a new trip
    • Tips for working with equipment
    • Recommended equipment
    • Rules for procurement, supply, and providing service
    • Consumables, the list of suppliers
    • Cashless payment
    • Loyalty card (if any)
    • Tips for handling with complaints
    • Recommendations for working with a client
    • Advice on working with social cards (if available)
    • Advice on working with inspection bodies, tips for responding the requests of a police officer for an employee
    • Controlling
    • Scripts for sellers (receiving orders by phone)
    • Forms for receiving orders
    • Correctly and incorrectly filled orders
    • Working with complaints by phone
    • Company's mission
    • Company's values
    • Motivational documents for sellers
    • Scripts of sales
    • Software
    • Musical content
    • Room ( tips for choosing and location)
    • Taxation system
    • Lease agreement conclusion
    • Marketing program
    • Customized services (birthdays, anniversaries)
    • Additional sales channels (photo with a lanterner, souvenirs, etc.)
    • List of transferred inventory
    • Brandbook
    • Logo, security fields, correct and incorrect usage
    • Fonts, colors
    • Banded elements, pattern, hero
    • Souvenir products
    • POSm (advertising and marketing materials)
    • Uniform

Other current expenses: none

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Start your own business franchise opportunity - Farolero

Farolero franchise business model

Indicator Value
Approximate number of travellers in a group 20 ppl
Average occupancy rate 75%
Average number of trips per month is 8 - 10
Average number of customized trips per month is 8 - 10
Your possible income from
Indicator Value
Rent 0
The cost of 1 trip, taking into account payments for actors` work is up to
Passive (operating monthly) expenses 0

A trip pays off when 2 tickets are sold!
The rest is your profit!

Fastest Growing Franchises - Farolero
Requirements for buying a franchise farolero:
  • Willingness to earn money and to share unforgettable emotions with people!
Requirements for a room:
  • None! This makes one of franchise advantages!

Farolero Franchise Advantages

No office needed!
Your office is your city!
To start you need a wish and some magic!

Fast training and staff interchangeability!
2 days are enough to train an employee. All employees are interchangeable.

Minimum staff!
3 - 4 ppl are enough to arrange one trip. The people can be freelancers. Permanent staff is not needed!

Maximum creativity!
Use for making the route any interesting information about the city. Speak about and do what you have dreamt about!

A boxed solution!
A business that does not have passive expenses and literally fits in a suitcase.

Fast payback!
Farolero is a successful business model! Investments pay off in two months.

Farolero - How to Start a Franchise Business
  • Starting investments from:
    On demand
  • Company foundation year:
  • Year of launching the franchise:
  • Own companies:
  • Units in Spain:
  • Units in the UK:
  • Units in Russia:
  • Units in Georgia:
  • Units in Ukraine:
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Information provided: IE Daria Alfredovna Bikbaeva
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