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Description of Racing Simulator Club "Motorsport" Franchise

A unique project. Evolution of perfection.

Motorsport has build simulators for professional racing drivers and teams, as well as for amateurs who can use the simulator to reduce training costs on real routes. Motorsport is the most advanced racing simulator for professionals and amateurs. Motorsport is made of the same sort of materials as real racing cars. The simulator can give real racing car driving experiences. It simulates the loss and restoration of the rear wheel clutch (the key component of racing training programs)!

Motorsport provides an opportunity to create an original entertaining project for organizing racing tournaments and corporate parties. Any bar can be easily re-equipped into Sim Center which allows to attract more visitors.
It is an excellent investment project with good ROI.

Motorsport - How to Start a Franchise

Franchise advantages

The business is well-established in Europe and the franchise is easily scaled into any country.

  • The best online racing simulator in the world with amazing features
  • Head-to-head races - real races with real people
  • Free training, qualification, testing, race for the best time
  • Automatic software updates and free services
  • Cars designed with the help of the best racing teams in the world
  • The best ring road models in the world
  • Internet community of more than 40 000 car enthusiasts
  • The ability to run own races and tournaments or create private racing leagues.
Attractive Franchise Opportunity. Motorsport Simulator

Franchise offer

In recent years, racing simulators have become a part of an exciting racing world, which brings a good profit. Motorsport offers an attractive investment opportunity. Our highly qualified engineers and excellent equipment enable building Sim Center, Energy Bar, Race Bar which meet the highest requirements and expectations. They can be used both for your own entertainment and for professional and corporate activities. In addition to simulator hardware, we provide complete software, our own website, advertising, promotional materials and staff training.

Motorsport is an absolutely unique business project of an entertainment establishment. It is an excellent format of business with good return on investments.

Available in 3 models of exercise equipment.

  1. Esport
  2. Premium
  3. Exclusive

Franchisee benefits:

  • High profit
  • High profitability and payback speed
  • High liquidity of investments
  • Exclusive territory
  • The best online racing simulator in the world with amazing features
  • Cars developed by the best racing teams
  • The best tracks in the world
  • Trademark, domain, CRM, traffic
  • Marketing strategy and clients
  • 24-hour customer and technical support.
Motorsport Simulator - Good Franchise Ideas

SIM center format

  • Area: from 100 sq m
  • Cost per hour: $53
  • Number of hours per day: 5 hours
  • The amount of investments: from $97,200
  • Payback period: 20 months
  • Revenues per year: from $286,320
  • Average monthly profit: from $14,140
  • Return On Investment: 134.98%.
Motorsport Simulator - Starting a Franchise

Lump-sum payment: $17,670

  • Turnkey business
  • Guide to Doing Business
  • Guideline for the work of franchisee with all standards of service and work Brand-book
  • Staff training and attestation
  • Standard project design
  • Automatic software updates and free services
  • Car models designed with the help of the best racing teams in the world
  • The best ring road models in the world
  • Customer Support
  • Community website
  • Marketing strategy.

What is included in investment spending?

  • Unique hardware and software
  • Rental
  • Repairs
  • Furniture and specialized equipment
  • Setting up the equipment by our specialist
  • Simulator logistics
  • Payroll fund
  • Costs for starting Marketing and PR campaign.

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Best Franchise to Open - Motorsport

Energy bar format

An innovative project for shopping or entertainment centers. An absolutely new and unique format.


  • Simulator: 1 pc.
  • Area: from 40 m²
  • Staff: 1 person
  • Investments: from $97,200.
Motorsport. Simulator Franchises for Sale
Motorsport. Top Entertainment Franchises to Invest in
Motorsport - Top Business Franchise Opportunities

Race bar Format

RACE BAR – is a great investment project with quick payback and great opportunities. You get profit from renting out simulators, selling drinks and food, organizing corporate parties and competitions.


  • Simulator: 2 pc.
  • Area: from 100 m²
  • Staff: from 5 person
  • Investments: from $194,400.
Motorsport. Good Franchise Ideas
Start your own business franchise opportunity - Motorsport
Motorsport - How to Start a Franchise Business

The Success Story

Motorsport was established to build simulators for professional racing drivers and teams as well as for motor racing enthusiasts who can use our simulator to reduce training costs on real routes. There are also simulators for individuals and fans of sim-racing, who want to acquire the most realistic experience of a rider.

Being fans of motorsport and racing competitions, we have been intentionally engaged in Sim racing for more than ten years. We received many personal and team awards, not only in the Czech Republic, but also in international leagues and championships. Therefore, we decided to use all our skills and knowledge to devise a professional simulator. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to obtain the most realistic experience of a real racing driver. Each of the components of our simulator has been tested and meets very high requirements which we have established. We are ready to create a simulator according to your specifications and wishes.

We also provide an innovative system for training riders, which is aimed at improving the memorization of each track and practicing driving, using the most advanced modeling technology. If you are interested in renting our simulator for any of your corporate parties, team building activities, various events, exhibitions and presentations, we are here ready to help you.

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Requirements for buying the franchise
  • Availability of the necessary funds
  • Experience in running business.
Requirements for the room
  • Area 100 m²
  • Availability of 30 kW electric power
  • Internet 100 Mbit/sec.
  • Sim Center.
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