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Description of Galevich Art School, the School of Art and Design Franchise

The school of art and design Galevich Art School offers a comfortable environment for creativity, positive emotions, author methodology and the opportunity to try all art techniques. Attending our classes, kids and adults develop their creative potential, good taste, and love to art. We take part in international and Russian art contests and win prizes.

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One of the most memorable contests was Moscow Festival of Children's Art "Sport as Art". Our students got certificates of participants, first and third place winner certificates, diplomas of the laureates of the competition, signed by a two-time world champion in figure skating, Irina Eduardovna Slutskaya.
A large number of awards emphasizes our professionalism and high level of training in art techniques.
One can never get bored at our school of art and design Galevich Art School!

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Open the School of Art and Design Galevich Art School in Your City.

Together with our franchise, you get full support at all stages of work.
Find your favourite business with the school of art and design franchise Galevich Art School.

most profitable franchise to open - Galevich Art School Franchise

Become the Partner of the School of Art and Design Galevich Art School and Implement All Your Creative Ideas With Us!

Franchise of Art and Design School Galevich Art School is a socially responsible business.
The market of education for kids in Russia is expanding. The increase in the number of births causes the growth of the demand for the services for kids of preschool and school age. Parents are interested in cognitive rest and development of a child and consider such education to be a good investment in the kid`s future.
Our business is of current interest, in high demand and socially responsible!

fastest growing franchise - Galevich Art School Franchise

The Main Concept of the School of Art and Design Galevich Art School

Our students enjoy creative, pleasant atmosphere of the studio, collaborate with each other and learn to communicate while drawing.
Our experienced teachers, artists, step-by-step teach their students to create their own masterpieces.
In the end, each student takes their own pictures home.

best franchise to own - Galevich Art School Franchise

You Will Provide Such Services as:

  1. Teaching students different art techniques during the academic year from September to May;
  2. Art camps for kids;
  3. Kids` Birthdays celebrations;
  4. Preparation for entering Higher Educational Institutions of Art;
  5. Individual drawing classes;
  6. New Year corporate parties and art events for adults;
  7. Trainings on right hemispheric drawing for adults.
best franchise to invest in - Galevich Art School Franchise

Formats of Art and Design School Galevich Art School

Format "Optimum"Format "Standard"Format "Reboot"
  • Space: 40 sqm
  • Rent + deposit: $910
  • School design: $160
  • Furniture and equipment: $380
  • Easels: $80
  • Art materials: $160
  • Advertising for opening: $320
  • Investment without a franchise fee: $1,960
  • Space: 20 sqm
  • Rent + deposit: $460
  • Furniture and equipment: $230
  • Easels and art materials: $230
  • Advertising for opening: $320
  • Investment without a franchise fee: $910
  • For operating art studios and schools, we have developed a unique reboot format
  • For the shortest time and minimum investment you can start working with our brand - project School of Drawing and Design “New painter”
  • Design and equipment: $320
  • Advertising for opening: $320
  • Investment without franchise fee: $640

Investments Required for Opening the School of Art and Design Galevich Art School

How much does Galevich Art School franchise cost?

Galevich Art School has the franchise fee of up to $2,260, with total initial investment from $3,160.

Initial investments: from $3,160

  • Rent
  • Studio design
  • Furniture
  • Easels
  • Art materials
  • Equipment
  • Advertising

Payback period: from 5 months
Average monthly turnover: $3,610
Royalty: $80
Franchise fee: from $2,260

The franchise fee includes the right to use the brand and the author's drawing techniques, training for teachers, corporate identity, placement on the website, consultation and assistance at the opening stage and throughout the partnership.

Other current payments: none

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Business Model of Art School Franchise Galevich Art School

An approximate calculation of Galevich Art School monthly works in a city with a population of more than 1 million people.

Galevich Art School Revenue

  • The revenue of the school is generated from payments for subscriptions, one-off lessons, and master classes.
  • The subscription fee will be calculated for your city individually.
  • Maximum students in a group: 10
  • The maximum number of participants of the master class: 30 - 150
  • Monthly attendance: 140 people
  • Average cost per lesson: $20
  • Monthly revenue: $3,610

Expenses of Galevich Art School

  • Rent – $460
  • Hourly wages for teachers, 1 lesson- $20
  • Advertising – $310
  • Royalty – $80 per month
  • Total amount of expenses: – $1,810

Profit - from $1,810 per month
Payback period- from 5 months

Galevich Art School franchise information
Requirements for buying galevich art school franchise
  • Availability of the necessary funds;
  • Passion to art;
  • Art education is a plus but not mandatory;
  • Willingness to develop and learn.
Requirements for the premises of galevich art school
  • Premises in residential areas with low rental costs, in good condition, located near children's traffic (compulsory schools, sports schools).
  • Room area from 20 sqm to 60 sqm.
  • Not a basement or basement room, preferably ground floor but could be higher.
  • Warm, bright room with windows and facilities.
  • Bathroom within a walking distance on the same floor.
  • Possibility to install a sink in the room.
  • Waiting area for parents is a plus.

Advantages of Buying the Art School Franchise Galevich Art School

  • Not high investment costs;
  • Quick business start;
  • Short payback period- from 5 months;
  • High demand- the niche of education for kids is the most profitable nowadays;
  • Author art techniques;
  • Professional coaching from the founder of Galevich Art School;
  • High annual income;
  • High emotional feedback from your favorite job.
Galevich Art School franchise info
  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
  • Year of launching franchise:
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