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About “Jockey” franchise

Jockey is a famous clothing brand that was established in the USA in 1995. It focuses on manufacturing of such clothing items as underclothing, pajamas, and sports apparel for all genders and ages. The company quickly came to India, and numerous units have been established throughout the years. Clothing industry is one of the oldest and steadiest in the global economy. Everybody needs clothes. Thus, Jockey sells a nice selection of top quality items for every taste.

About Jockey franchise

Jockey in India possess exclusive licensees for manufacture and distribution of apparel to other Asian countries, like Nepal, Bangladesh, and UAE. It has a vast and solid distribution network. So, if you feel that your desire is to start a store specializing in the sale of apparel, then you should consider the Jockey franchise. Entrepreneurs will operate a store with a renowned name and get enormous support along the way. The clothing market in India is full of prospects, and Jockey will help you secure the best of them. More information about the franchise is presented below.

Advantages of the franchise

  • Renowned international brand. Jockey is an influential company with a presence in over 120 countries around the globe. It is widely recognized within millions of customers in India.
  • Well-working business model. For more than 25 years Jockey has been successfully entering new markets and establishing numerous units that function greatly, all thanks to the elaborate model of the business.
  • Enormous support. The parent company grants all kinds of guidance and assistance with location selection, setup, operations to franchisees, so they can develop their enterprise properly and without challenges.
  • High profitability. A Jockey outlet is a great business venture that could bring high revenue and income.
  • Wide audiences. The company produces a diverse variety of male, female, and kid’s clothes, which makes a range of target audiences quite wide.
  • Innovation. Jockey keeps up with trends and constantly presents new ideas and designs, so customers can enjoy the variety of apparel and accessories of various modern styles.
  • Trusted brand. Jockey has a solid reputation as a trustworthy and top quality provider of apparel and accessories for all genders and ages.
  • Thriving industry. The clothing industry in India prospers, there exist numerous possibilities for expansion and growth.
  • Credibility. Jockey in India is backed by Page Industries, which is one of the biggest holders of licensees of multinational brands.

Franchise requirements

Individuals that are seeking an opportunity to enter the clothing market in India will greatly gain numerous advantages from choosing Jockey. Prospective franchise owners would be operating an outlet with a renowned name and a vast customer base. There are certain location and financial requirements that must be followed. You could visit the official website of the brand and complete the contact information form in order to be considered for ownership.

How much does it cost to open the franchise

Jockey franchise cost depends on location and area requirements. The required for setup investment is estimated at 45 lakhs–50 lakhs.

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