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PrimoHoagies is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based hoagie chain focused on providing the highest quality hoagies with high quality meat and fresh sliced ingredients. The company began franchising in 2002. PrimoHoagies does not require food service experience to open a franchise. PrimoHoagies provides all the training and support for a new franchisee to successfully manage and operate a PrimoHoagies shop. Franchise owners are required to work in the business. As of 2018, PrimoHoagies operates 89 locations in the United States.

PrimoHoagies franchise to own

How much does PrimoHoagies franchise cost?

A good investment is not based on the price but the value it has and the resources it provides. We set the PrimoHoagies franchise cost based on what was needed to run a successful franchise. For an initial investment of $235,500-$574,500, you get training, real estate and construction support, and other materials to help you get your new business up and running. Here are a few other things that your investment covers:

Franchise fee
Your franchise fee is due when you sign the franchise agreement. This fee covers your license to begin starting a sandwich shop with us. It will also cover the costs to operate within your development area.

Signs, fixtures and equipment
The biggest perk of franchises is that they bring the same quality and consistency to customers all over the country. This is why signs, fixtures, and equipment are some of the biggest expenses. In order to create the same customer experience that has worked for our other franchisees, you need to have the similar signs, fixtures, and equipment.

Grand opening advertising
You need to get your new franchise on people’s radar! As you prepare for your grand opening, we have set aside some funds in the initial investment to help with your advertising. This will help you start your franchise on the right foot, and it will generate buzz in your local community.

Starting capital
Whether you’re starting a sandwich shop from scratch or opening a franchise, you need significant starting capital to take care of your expenses for the first few months. A return on investment (ROI) doesn’t happen overnight, so we factored starting capital into the initial investment so you won’t have to worry about finding additional funds as you start running your franchise day-to-day.

PrimoHoagies Franchise

PrimoHoagies Franchise Expansion Plans:
The franchisor is seeking new franchise units in the USA.

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