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Description of the Claustrophobia Quests in Reality franchise

Our offer cannot be described as a franchise in its traditional sense. We develop together, and each partner is able to contribute something new. Our goal is to open as many excellent Claustrophobia escape rooms in various cities and countries as possible, and we cooperate with those people who help us reach this goal.

International Network
At the moment, Claustrophobia's achievements include more than one million happy players, 124 escape rooms in 10 countries and 15 cities, as well as absolutely new formats of interactive entertainment.

Own Production
In order to increase the quality of our escape rooms and reduce the costs of their construction, we have created our own production facilities capable of developing and launching an escape room on a turnkey basis.

Full Cycle
You will have at your disposal a catalog of top quest scripts, which have proved their popularity among the players, as well as an opportunity to create something new and original. After that, our professionals will take care of creating all necessary sets and visual effects. They will develop most efficient engineering solutions, assembly the escape room in full at the production facility, and then – at your location.

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How much does Claustrophobia franchise cost?

Claustrophobia has the franchise fee of up to $6,500, with total initial investment from $35,700.

Initial investments:

from $58,800 in Moscow,
from $35,700 in the regions (contracts are concluded starting from 2 escape rooms)

Payback period: from 8 to 14 months
Average monthly turnover

$11,000 to $32,000 per 2 escape rooms – for a Moscow location
$6,350 to $15,900 for the regions
$8,000 to $25,000 for EU


15% - Moscow,
10% - regions and the world

Franchise fee:

$6,500 – Moscow,
$1,200 – other Russian cities,
$3,000 – other countries.

Cost of a ready-made escape room starts: at $20,900

Continuous support from the account management department, script writers, designers, technical specialists, and the quality department.

The franchise fee includes:
  • Guidelines on creating your own scripts, choosing and refurbishing a facility, as well as on technical implementation.
  • Continuous support from the account management department, script writers, designers, and technical specialists.
  • Monthly marketing and PR consultations
  • Adding the location page to our website
  • Access to the internal booking page
  • Training of personnel
  • Escape room photo shoot
  • Marketing materials production
  • Opportunity to buy ready-made escape rooms
  • Holding test games with the participation of best specialists and players

Other current payments:

Moscow – after the franchise fee is paid, you purchase the first 2 ready-made escape rooms from us.
Together with you, we develop scripts, and create new products using them.
We produce the sets and install them at your location.
The price of one escape room starts at $55,600.
Other Russian cities + the world – after the franchise fee is paid, you purchase the first 2 ready-made escape rooms from us.
You choose from the catalog 2 escape rooms, which we produce, pack, and install at your location.
The price of one escape room starts at $20,900. All you need to do is prepare the facility in accordance with the terms of reference provided by our specialists.
After the first two escape rooms are opened, you get the right to create and open original escape rooms. We help create new scripts, give advice on technical implementation, and provide support at all other stages.

Request Free Info

Request Free Info

Requirements to the franchisees of Claustrophobia Quests in Reality
  • Experience in business is welcome
  • References are welcome
  • Positive business reputation
  • Confirmation of the availability of funds for the project
  • Desire to make people happy
Requirements to the facility housing a Claustrophobia escape room
  • Minimum location area 130 sq.m.
  • Located as close to the city center as possible
  • Transport accessibility
  • Permitted electrical grid capacity – 15 kWt and more.
  • Ventilation and heating. Comfortable environmental conditions should be created for the players during any season of the year.
  • Ceiling height at least 2.7 m
  • Continuous access to the Internet and phone
  • 24/7 access, a separate entrance (an entrance from the street is very welcome)
  • To avoid problems with the residents, it is highly desirable not to choose residential houses for a location.
  • Starting investments from:
    37 500 $
  • Company type:
  • Company founding year
  • Year of franchise launch in Russia:
  • Number of franchisees:
    38 (8 - foreign ones)
  • Company type:
    Escape rooms
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Information provided: Klaustrofobia-M, LLC
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