Franchise Claustrophobia - Real-life Quests

Description of the franchise Claustrophobia - Real-life Quests

Our offer is not an ordinary franchise. We are evolving together, and everyone is contributing something new. Our goal is to open as many excellent Claustrophobia quests as possible in different cities and countries, and we are pleased to build relationships with people who can help us to achieve the goal.

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Initial investments:

from $62,000 in Moscow,
from $54,200 - in regions (we make an agreement from 2 and more quests).

Payback period: from 8 to 14 months
Monthly turnover:

from $11,600 to $33,400 for 2 guests in Moscow,
from $10,000 to $20,000 in regions.

Royalties: 15% in Moscow, 10% in regions and all over the world.
Lump sum:

$50,000 in Moscow,
from $2,000 in CIS regions,
from $2,800 all over the world.

Ready-quest price is: from $23,400.

The lump sum includes costs for:
  • Guideline for writing your own scripts, choosing and repairing a room; consultations on technical implementation.
  • Constant support from account department, script writers, designers and technical specialists.
  • Monthly consultations on marketing and PR;
  • A page on our website;
  • Access to internal booking system;
  • Staff training;
  • Quests Photoshoot;
  • Marketing materials;
  • Purchasing ready-made quests;
  • Test games with the involvement of the best specialists and players.

Other current expenses:

After you make a lump sum payment, we will offer you to buy two ready quests. You can choose two quests from our catalogue. We will prepare, pack in the container and install it. The minimum price for one quest is $23,400. You need to prepare a room considering the recommendations of our engineer. After starting two ready quests, you will get an opportunity to create your personal quests. We will either write or change a quest script for you and consult you on technical implementation.

Request Free Info

Request Free Info

  • Entrepreneurial Work Experience is regarded;
  • References are regarded;
  • Positive business reputation;
  • Confirmation of the availability of funds for investing in the project;
  • Willingness to bring joy to people.
  • Minimum room size is from 130 m²;
  • Close to city center location;
  • Transport accessibility;
  • Availability of 15 or more kilowatts electrical capacity;
  • Ventilation and heating. At any time of the year, the climatic conditions for quest takers should be comfortable;
  • Ceiling height of at least 2.7 m;
  • Uninterrupted access to the Internet and telephone;
  • Round-the-clock access, separate entrance (preferably from the street side);
  • It is not recommended to choose residential buildings, in order to avoid problems with tenants.
    • Starting investments from:
      62 000 $
    • Payback period from:
      8 months
    • Turnover/month :
      11 600 $
    • Company founding year
    • Year of franchise launch
    • Franchisees
    • Own companies
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    Information provided: Klaustrofobia-M, LLC , Derbenevskaya nab,7, str.24, Moscow, 115114, Russia, OGRN 1147746645507
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