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Who are we?
RoboThink is a exciting and unique edu-tainment franchise focusing on STEM enrichment: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math. RoboThink Franchises offer educational and fun classes, camps, workshops and events in the fields of robotics, coding, and engineering.

Our Philosophy
We believe that exposure and knowledge in STEM allows children to succeed in tomorrow’s society. Armed with laptops, motors, gears and sensors, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to solve tough problems and to gather, evaluate and make sense of information.

Our Goa
With our innovative and proprietary robotics platform, software and teaching materials, the RoboThink concept is now being rolled out to the entire world. We are seeking qualified, business- and education-minded individuals to bring our specialized services to the community.

RoboThink Franchise System

RoboThink franchise for sale

RoboThink’s programs are specialized turnkey robotics, programming and engineering curriculums developed and tested by teachers, engineers and early-learning experts.

Different from other LEGO® based STEM centers, RoboThink designs and manufactures a patented line of easy-to-use and flexible robotics kits. The kit works in conjunction with a RoboThink developed graphical coding software that makes it easy for students of all ages and skill level to build and code robots. Our step-by-step lesson plans and workbooks incorporate problem-solving, critical thinking and higher order thinking. Fun and enjoyable themes are, of course, integrated into the programs to keep students coming back!

All of RoboThink’s excellent hardware, software and materials are yours to use in your own education business when you become a RoboThink franchisee.

With the RoboThink franchise program, you can immediately take advantage of our established curriculum, our full suite of support services as well as all of our proprietary materials. Perhaps more than anything else, you benefit from the satisfaction and appreciation you’ll receive as you provide helpful, fun and quality edu-tainment services in your area.

RoboThink franchise cost

RoboThink Franchise Offer

RoboThink programs cover a wide range of ages and a diverse target market.
Work with private schools, daycares, recreation centers, school districts, home school students, etc.

RoboThink franchise requirements

How much does RoboThink franchise cost?

RoboThink has the franchise fee of up to $25,000, with total initial investment range of $40,700 to $110,500.

Initial investments: $40,700 - $110,500

  • Home based: $40,700 - $61,700
  • Learning Center: $63,700 - $110,500

Average turnover per month: on demand
Franchise fees: $25,000
What's included?

  • The Brand.
    Access to our cool logos and characters. Trademarked, of course!
  • Ops Manual.
    Over 300 pages of marketing, procedures, HR, scheduling & more!
  • Inventory.
    Bet you our competitors don't include this! 10 Classroom kits!
  • Website.
    Location specific websites to maximize local online presence.
  • Curriculum.
    Over 120 unique lessons developed by teachers & engineers.
  • ThinkLink.
    Our proprietary ERP software that automates payments, scheduling & more!
  • Software.
    RoCode, RoboThink's proprietary coding education software.
  • Training.
    Franchisee training, manager training & teacher training.

Other current payments: none

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Business model of RoboThink franchise

RoboThink offers two flexible modes of investment: a mobile business where your programs are run at third party locations such as schools, libraries and park districts, or a learning center based business where students come to you!

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