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About the brand «Russian Schools Abroad»

Russian Schools Abroad is a network of unique MGIMO schools outside Russia, founded by the University in 2021 within the framework of the Russian Schools Abroad project.

We offer a Unique Educational Model

The double-certificate program - what is it?
The Russian Schools Abroad implements a double-certificate program. This means that two national educational standards are harmonized.
The full implementation of the Russian Federal State Educational Standard gives an opportunity, in particular, to prepare for the Unified State Exam, the successful passing of which leads to a Russian certificate.
This is a double opportunity for a graduate and a student.

The program is designed for the full and systematic mastering of educational subjects in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard: FSES basic general education for 8th and 9th grades, FSES secondary general education - for 10th and 11th. Lessons are made to accord with the system of preparation for the Unified State Exam.

Russian Schools Abroad Brand

We developed a highly functional IBLS digital platform with teachers and students.

How much does the Russian Schools Abroad cost?

We offer 3 formats of cooperation :

  1. Lyceum classes: educational programs of basic and supplementary secondary education for foreign schools.

MGIMO Lyceum is organized in the format of lyceum classes: grades 8-9 and 10-11. Education is conducted according to the program of secondary general education with your national and Russian educational components, upon completion of which graduates receive both your national program certificate and Russian certificate of secondary general education. Double certificate.

The cost of such a program is:

  • The cost of such a program is
  • Grade 10-11 – 10 000 $ per year

  1. Preparation courses for the unified state exam and the main state examination on the basis of foreign educational organizations.

The cost of such a program is:

  • The unified state exam – 6 500 $ per year
  • The main state examination – 6 500 $ per year
  • This program offers the possibility to choose an additional subject – each subject 2 000 $ per year

  1. «Russian Schools Abroad». Opening of a full-fledged secondary school in foreign territory.

The cost of such format is 15 000 $ per year:

  • Opening investments starts from $120,500.

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Russian Schools Abroad

What's included:

  1. Preparation for the State Final Certification in the formats of the Main State Examination (9th grade) and Unified State Exam (11th grade) with the opportunity to get a Russian certificate.
  2. Human sciences and mathematics education.
  3. Modern high-tech educational practices.
  4. Digital education platform.
  5. Innovative educational environment offering a variety of academic tracks and role models.
  6. Preparation for an international career with the opportunity to gain practical knowledge.
  7. Networked double-certificate educational programs.
  8. Personalized approach to children's learning.
  9. Community of proactive, creative, academically-focused children and adults.
  10. Opportunity to enter MGIMO and other leading Russian and foreign universities of humanitarian and economic sciences.

Russian Schools Abroad ADVANTAGES

  1. The integrated educational model combines a high academic load with a well-developed educational system.
  2. The unity and continuity of the educational process provides an event-driven approach - each student is involved in the system of special courses, motivational and creative practices.
  3. Linguistic training provides an intensive learning of several foreign languages, Russian as the state language of the Russian Federation, and also includes a system of studying native languages and literatures. By developing skills of communication, the linguistic training is aimed at the formation of skills and abilities necessary for successful passing of the Unified State Exam.
  4. Individualization of the educational route means that each student has access to a system of learning tools with the help of which he/she forms his/her own entry track: Russian Schools Abroad programs give the opportunity to focus on preparation for a set of profile subjects of any complexity.
  5. A unique educational environment is formed by direct communication and integration of students of lyceum classes - wherever the educational activities actually take place.

Developed and highly functional digital platform IBLS promotes the integration of educational solutions

Russian Schools Abroad - students


  1. Strategy.
  2. Operational management.
  3. Assistance in recruiting a professional team.
  4. Training.
  5. Assistance in selecting the format of cooperation.
  6. Marketing.
  7. Training in selling educational programs to parents and students.
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    Education center
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