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About the brand «Warm Stories»

About the brand «Warm Stories»

For already more than 5 years our professional team of «Warm stories» pleases residents and guests of the city with woolen mittens and socks. The quality of our products is controlled at 3 stages, which allows us to obtain woolen mittens and socks which visitors of shopping centers return for every year.

Before the New Year comes, many people need gifts and a feeling of warmth. «Warm stories» are bright sales points at the shopping centers, a large selection of wool socks and wool mittens. Cozy woolen things are a good purchase for yourself and as a gift. The eye-catching design of the point attracts visitors. The assortment of «Warm Stories» has been tested for quality and relevance for many years. Design solutions for trade equipment have been carefully verified and meet the latest standards.

This is a unique franchise, because each partner gets a detailed plan and support from approval on a sales place to every screw. At the same time, the quality of products is at such level, that people then thank you all year round. Our team can set up work even for partners without business experience.

«Warm Stories» - products

How will you earn?

For regions where it is cold in winter and there is snow on the streets. Our partners will need to manage partner outlets in their city. And in order to make management easy and efficient, we will accompany and respond to partners' requests at all stages of opening and managing. This allows you to reduce start-up time, reduce start-up costs and avoid hundreds of mistakes, getting an existing business. The entire management model is designed for different levels of training and entrepreneurial experience.

Winter is no reason to hide at home! This is the time of WARM STORIES about how you played snowballs, made snowmen and were not afraid of frost at all. And all because your hands and feet were carefully protected by SPECIAL mittens and socks.

− You think of what could be special about ordinary woolen mittens and socks?
Everything is simple - felted mittens, like felt boots, only from natural angora or goat fluff, and socks from angora or goat fluff. Felted mittens look like several mittens were piled together and it turned out into 1 very dense:

  • Even at -35° hands will not freeze, and no frostbite.
  • Felted mittens almost do not let the cold wind through.
  • Hands inside soft wool do not shrink.

For more than 5 years we have been telling Warm Stories about fashionable, natural and insanely beautiful mittens and socks. Each pair is made specially for frosty and snowy regions. These mittens and socks are for those who want to make winters most exciting with our woolen products.

«Warm Stories» - products 2

Choose the «Warm Stories» woolen goods franchise – after all, this is what it is so nice to give to yourself, relatives, friends, colleagues.

Franchise package

Included in the franchise: trademark, help at the start, selection of a place and documents for negotiations with shopping centers, training of managers, exclusive is possible for the certain area/region.

Parties obligations

It is necessary, in accordance with the agreed list of actions of the partner, to perform the actions prescribed in the franchise documents. We do not recruit staff instead of you and do not manage instead of you, but based on more than 5 years of experience, we will tell you what really works and what needs to be done to make the sales point work profitable and customers come back again

How much does the Warm Stories franchise cost?

Initial investments: from $9,000

  • Rent 3 m2 up to $250/month;
  • Equipment construction up to $830;
  • Initial goods purchasing: $4,960;
  • Trade equipment and settlement and cash service: $85/month.

Payback period: 1 month
Average turnover per month: $19,000
Royalties: none
Franchise fees: $3,300
Other current payments: none

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Profit calculation

Business plan on the napkin:

  • Average number of bills per day – 25
  • Average bill – $24
  • Average profit in 2 months = $23,200
  • Average expanses per month = 6,800
«Warm Stories» - products 3

Training and support

Management training and support at all stages of the launch and management of the sales point for the period of the New Year.

Requirements to buy franchise

The presence of negative temperatures in November, December and January, as well as the presence of snow in winter. At least 300 thousand people live in the area.

Franchise advantages

We have worked out and set up all the business processes of «Warm Stories», from choosing a location to recruiting staff and choosing assortment. Starting from the moment of selecting a room to regular work can take up to 1 week and get a payback from 2 weeks.

  • Simple and clear business model.
  • Each element of commercial equipment is precisely matched for efficient trading.
  • Detailed instructions for sales assistants.
  • You do not overpay for empty square meters.
  • Complete set for promotion in social media.
  • Top quality product.
  • Low purchase prices.
  • We do not regulate your margin.
  • Enough goods in the warehouse for the work of our partners.
  • Trade equipment, which is being taken pictures with.
  • Our points are asked to be put by shopping centers.
  • Format 3 sq.m. with open layout.

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