Family business idea - Verbatoria

| 11.07.2023
Family business idea - Verbatoria

Looking for a business as start-up for your grown child? Something to (re)-unite spouse and make ties stronger with mutual interest? Verbatoria shares a real case of many, which helped many families to turn to even better future!

VERBATORIA - the franchise of talents test based on unique patented brainwaves technology - not only a family business of its founder, but also for our partners! There are many spouses among them, and now - a mother and son!

Ms. Ulyana Nazarova - a charming, wise woman brought technology to the Baltic States back in 2022. And a year later, her son is already opening the doors of the VERBATORIA in St. Petersburg. Verbatoria is really easy to start: short time, low investement, low operation costs and just 3 months to real stable profit.

Mr. Tikhon speaks:
" ...Our team has been working with children for a long time. When working as a tutor, there are children with different levels of knowledge and abilities. Often parents ask to evaluate the child's abilities and give them additional information about their children.

The technology of the VERBATORIA opens up opportunities to help children and their parents in finding a direction of activity based on indicators of brain activity rhythms. My team and I love to work with children and that's why this project is very interesting to us" !

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