Founders escape from operation routine: real story

| 28.03.2023
Founders escape from operation routine: real story

"Six moths back I decided to focus myself on the other things in my life, and thus to leave behind and out of daily envolvement both my family, and a company I founded. VERBATORIA Talents by Brainwaves just than turned six years and operated already in over 20 countries, so I said myself it should be now - or I do it wrong way. Company dependence of my role should be restricted with my impact on core values and vision, which are well embedded in corporate DNA already, and whatever else depends on me still - need be streamlined, or cut off.

Today I wrote this comment sitting 1000 miles away from office and track company positive, growing performance only weekly, or sometime even less often.

To be honest, I should have done this earlier, as founder is often a boundary to his company! Join us, if proven stability is what you need from franchise".

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