MEITO Signs New Franchise Agreement in Iraq for Its Bubble Tea Café Concept

| 27.09.2023

MEITO continues its success in the Middle East, signing a new franchise agreement in Iraq for its social, sustainable F&B concept.

MEITO franchise

Munich, Germany, 27th September 2023 – Meito brings its seriously cool international F&B concept to Iraq, with its first flagship lounge to launch in Baghdad.

In a country rich in culinary and gastronomic heritage, customers hungry for alternatives to traditional offerings are driving demand for trendy, international eateries, with a wave of new American-style restaurants spreading across the capital.

‘Iraq is an untapped market of increasingly adventurous eaters where competition is low and the potential returns are high,’ commented Ayman Al-Jorani, Meito Operator in Iraq. ‘ There is a huge growth opportunity for quirky, sociable, and healthy food experiences, and Meito hits the sweet spot.’

Dedicated to creating hubs where people of all ages can chill, care about each other, and refresh with heaps of healthy brain and body fuel, MEITO combines locally sourced, consistently awesome food with their signature, seriously cool Bubble Tea, all part of the socialize, recharge and refresh experience.

‘We are excited to enter this vibrant market, just as it tips into a completely new foodie era. Iraqi entrepreneurs and investors from nearby countries, not big multinational chains, are driving the food craze, and we are delighted to bring Ayman Al-Jorani on board as our operator in Iraq,’ continued Ben Götze, Late Founder and Managing Director at Meito Franchise International.

Ben Götze

‘The increasing presence of foreign companies, and its young and upwardly mobile consumer market, make Iraq a very attractive opportunity for us. With a minimum of three outlets planned in three years, we have an awesome growth plan in place. Watch this space!’

The German Meito Café and Lounge Concept, based on its secret recipe for their famous signature Bubble Tea, is now an international franchise committed to social, sustainable F&B experiences. Spreading smiles from Germany to Iraq, welcoming people of aged Day 1 upwards.

About Meito

Meito has reinvented Bubble Tea from a single treat into a way of life and seriously cool social experience, with its Meito Café & Lounge Concept. With its commitment to sustainability, through the use of natural, repurposed materials and locally sourced ingredients, Meito works with franchise partners that share its values of fun, fairness and quality. For more information, go to

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