Results of Global Franchise Conference, October 26

| 01.11.2021

Our franchise conference, organized by the team, has brought together hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Participants were from Asia, Europe, Africa, USA, Middle East, GCC countries. You can feel the pulse of the franchise industry by watching the conference recording.

Of the new speakers, I would like to note:

  • Mr. Henry Setiono
    Founder & CEO of Baba Rafi Enterprise. Indonesia.
  • Mr. Khalid Y. Almahfouz
    Franchise Devlopment Director. General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises. Saudi Arabia.
  • Matus Tomasik
    International Expansion Manager, La Donuteria Group. Europe.
  • Stanislav Nikulin
    Head of the International Performance Marketing Department, Algorithmica. Russia.
  • Konstantin Kudryavtsev
    PhD, Partnership Manager, Libertex Group. Cyprus.
  • Sergey Raudsepp
    Founder and CEO Verbatoria. Russia.

The speeches of our most experienced experts from Europe, Asia and the USA were also important:

  • Albert Kong
    Asiawide Franchise Singapore albert kong.
  • Felix De Wit
    Schalkshof Management & Consultancy. Topfranchise. Europe.
  • Alex Depase
    Global Franchise Exchange. USA.

The conference host is wonderful Julia Romanenko. Head of international department Topfranchise.

Results of Global Franchise Conference

  1. We saw that small medium-sized businesses were able to survive in conditions of turbulence, quarantine, pandemic and local economic crisis.
  2. Franchising is developing rapidly on all continents. The future belongs to those companies who have found a new approach to work.
  3. The dawn of franchising is expected in the GCC countries. United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  4. Fast food is growing everywhere. Now it can be conscious, healthy, vegan, kosher and halal. Such concepts are the future.
  5. Children's codding schools are booming around the world. Algorithmika at the forefront of this movement.

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