The quality of the VERBATORIA Talents-by-Brainwave franchise is in 96.4% positive feedback from customers

| 24.06.2022

Mr. Hovhannes Movsepyan, Head of the Implementation of Quality Straightening at E2EQA, tells about the results achieved on the Verbatoria project:

"A year ago we started with VERBATORIA, which already prioritized the quality of their services. As a result of the analysis of their processes, we were able to show the management board the points of growth that make the greatest contribution. For example, VERBATORIA paid great attention to the informativeness of its service (a career guidance report), and we shifted the focus to a simple question - whether this report solved the initial request of a client. And the results speak for themselves: 96.4% of customers answered that the issue was completely resolved."

"The result of the project surprised us in some way," - says Sergey Raudsepp, founder and director of the VERBATORIA Talents-by-Brainwaves. - "I saw for the first time that our uniqueness lies in the fact that our partners and clients are almost 100% over-educated people, often with several higher educations. And this is certainly the highest responsibility for continuous perfection in every element."

From the latest news of the company, it is worth noting a large franchise contract in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, involving the use of the methodology in 20+ educational centers, the opening of an operations center in Kazakhstan and the option of accepting Ethereum payments.

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