VERBATORIA career coaching test by brainwaves turns SIX years today

| 16.09.2022
VERBATORIA career coaching test

Of course, and this is the most important thing, our very first partners are still with us: Moscow, Chelyabinsk in Russia since early 2016. And international ones too - Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore. For many those, who stayed with VERBATORIA for a while, this experience became a business-school and a test of themselves, but for our "oldies" it is The Thing for years. Thank you for your trust!

Over the years, we have survived over both critics and competitors. In some cases, alas and fortunately, literally. Those who remember my early advice on how to respond to criticism of the method will now understand: our best reaction is to continue to do goodness to customers. The rest will pass!

Over the years, we have managed to maintain premium positioning, not to slide down to mass tests in shopping malls. Being a niche player is a challenge and the highest professionalism of everyone, and you all stand for that! At Verbatoria HQ are aligned to maintain this story with high quality of the report, responsiveness, retention and reduction of the cost of processing transcripts.

In this challenging year, worth to remind us all that the VERBATORIA IS A DREAM. Parents' dream of a child's future, adults' dream of a better version of themselves, each partner's dream of a stable future. It is The Dream of each of us to make the world a little kinder, brighter, happier in these half an hour of testing and conversation. And the dream - do not forget it ever - has no limit, or even a horizon. So start dreaming every day, and never finish!

Happy Birthday to all, and EVERYONE!

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