Verbatoria takes on new heights - we think about the future, relying on the experience of the past!

| 26.04.2024
Verbatoria takes on new heights

Although each franchise would like to say the same for itself, but VERBATORIA Talent Quotient - unique in its basic essence. The fashion of sushi bars is being replaced by the fashion of pizza, the demand for “quick-reading» skills will change to robotics, the attractiveness of the ballet section will give way to the leadership of dance studios on canvases. But can you imagine buying a franchise with something as immutable as an ABC?

Years, decades go by, but there’s still a basic demand for families to know the nature of the child, his (her) the best way in life. As the ABC gives the child at all times the right basis for development, so that the report on natural talents VERBATORIA creates the basis, the foundation for the most responsible decisions in the life of parents: which off-school activity to choose, what additional classes to attend and, finally, which profession to enroll!

Our very first partners to choose a franchise to diagnose talent by neural brain rythms back in 2016 are still with the company. Not the least role in this is played by the operational simplicity of the VERBATORIA business, and minimum monthly expenses for the market. The demand for the VERBATORIA service remains stable in every market!

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