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Abakus Center Franchise Opportunities

Abakus Center is one of the fastest-growing franchise with over 200 locations in Europe. We offer you a unique opportunity to start the education business within a month at a low cost.

Abakus Center provides you full franchise training and guides the franchisee at every moment of business. The whole program is designed for students aged 5 to 15 y.o. and teaches them Mental Arithmetic. Abakus Centers create a welcoming atmosphere, with children, enjoy learning.

Abakus today

  • 20,712 Pupils
  • 15 Countries (the UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Russia, Kuwait and many more)
  • 204 Locations

Make a profit from

  • Courses
    • Courses in your educational center
  • Partnerships
    • courses in Private and Public schools
    • after-school clubs
    • other organizations (Language courses or Robotics schools)
  • Other
    • sales of books, abacuses
    • online-platform

Offer the best quality with

  • Detailed program for 2.5 years
  • Online platform
  • International Competitions
  • Carefully prepared materials
  • Gamification

How much does the Abakus Center mental arithmetic franchise cost?

Abakus Center franchise fee ranges from $1,765 (€1,599) to $16,515 (€15,000), with a total initial investment from $5,505(€5,000).

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What is mental arithmetic?

Mental Arithmetic is a tested way of developing a child’s academic abilities and creative thinking in a balanced way, allowing them to reach their full intellectual potential.

At the beginning of the course, an abacus is used for children to learn the techniques. Later, children learn to do calculations in their head by forming a mental image of a number on the abacus and can do all mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) with any numbers in mind.

Peer-reviewed studies with control groups have shown that the Abakus program leads to:

  • Achieve excellent academic results
  • Increased ability to foreign languages
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Better fulfillment of intellectual and creative potential
  • Fast Calculation Skillsast Calculation Skills

Size of premises

Recommended size of a class is 35 m2
The group size is up to 8 students

Abakus center franchise offer

Abakus Europe offers three main packages: Abakus Light, Abakus Standard, Abakus City. The entrance fee ranges from $1,765 (€1,599) to $16,515 (€15,000). More detailed information is available in the presentation.

Initial investments: from $5,505 (€5,000).
Payback period: 7 months.
Royalties: from $285 (€259) depending on the package.
Franchise fees: from $1,765 (€1599) depending on the package.

What’s included:

  • Registered trademark
  • Selling tools
  • Lead-generating tools
  • Promoting materials
  • Financial model
  • Exclusive Abakus X website for your center
  • Training from experts
  • Lesson plans
  • Marketing materials
  • BrainFitness
  • Teaching materials
  • Financial model
  • Marketing model
  • Abakus Mental Math Programme
  • Business support service
  • Access to online platform for students, teachers and managers of you center
  • High quality books
  • Methodological support
  • International competitions
  • International certification for students and teachers
  • Strategy and plan how to start

Other current payments: none

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Abakus center franchisee testimonials!

Die Arbeit mit Abakus Center ist sehr komfortabel. Sie haben immer einen Ansprechpartner, der Sie in allen Fragen berät und Ihnen hilft, alle aufkommenden Probleme zu lösen. Alles kann frei geplant werden, aber das Arbeiten mit den Materialien aus der Cloud und den großartigen Büchern ist toll und einfach durchzuführen.

Stefanie Ehser
Deutschland, Köln

Abakus Europe is a partner that provided us with the best conditions for cooperation in Slovakia and from the very beginning responds promptly to all our methodological and material requirements. We like to train with an excellent online platform which is a very popular tool for our abacus lecturers and students. I especially appreciate the professional and friendly approach of the Abakus Europe team based on personal contacts with our NGO. I believe that our cooperation will continue to develop to improve the intellect and wisdom of children in Slovakia.

Miloš Vincík
Slovakia, Bratislava

My first steps as an entrepreneur I’ve taken with Abakus Europe a while ago. I am delighted with the cooperation, mainly because I received great substantial business support. I have received all the necessary materials and access to the platform where I can refresh my knowledge and download/print materials for lessons. Also, business and marketing training is very inspiring and useful. We share our experience with other franchisees.

As of today, I highly value the fact that If I have any problem, I know whom to call and I always receive help and good advice. Thanks to Abakus Europe, I’m a successful entrepreneur and a teacher with no previous experience. I wish all of you such fruitful cooperation as mine.

Monika Kuriata
Poland, Wroclaw

Abakus center Business model

Our franchisees open an educational center with mental arithmetic courses and work in a B2C model. The lessons are provided in small groups (up to 8 students) and with one teacher. The payment for the courses ranges from $66 (€60) to $165 (€150) depending on the area. During the academic year, students attend classes once a week (90 min). For younger students (level 0) the classes can be provided twice a week (45 min). Besides, students use an online platform for the homework and take part in the local or international competitions.

The advantages of Abacus Mental Arithmetic Center franchise:

  • Low risk
    85% thrive and continue with us beyond the first 12 months
  • Minimal investment
    From $555 (€500) to $16,515 (€15,000) depending on the package
  • Profit
    High-profit margins 20-30% on average
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